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Ground: Kæmpernes Arena (Hvidovre Stadion)

Visits: 1

Date: 18th August 2013

Match: Hvidovre - AB  4-0  (1. Division)

Attendance: 1 296


Hvidovre IF have played 19 seasons in Denmark´s top division and have won 3 Danish league titles (1966, 1973 and 1991). In recent years Hvidovre have been in the the lower divisions though but after winning 2. Division Øst last year the club is now back in 1. Divisionen, the 2nd tier in Denmark. Hvidovre play their matches at Kæmpernes Arena (formerly Hvidovre Stadion) and with the ground being nexto to a S-tog (local train) station I decided to travel to Hvidovre by train. From Kristianstad it is 1 h 45 min to Hovedbanegården, the main train station in Copenhagen, and once there it only took me 10 minutes to get to Friheden station in Hvidovre. The weather was not was warm as it was on my previous visit to Denmark. 19 degrees and cloudy, but no rain, as I made the short walk to Hvidovre Stadion. I was outside the ground around 11.45 and with kick-off at 13.00 I could stroll around the ground taking pictures before eventually buying a cup of coffee. The main stand at Hvidovre has 4 600 seats and is towering over the other small terraced stands. The right part of the main stand is given to away supporters and with today´s match against Akademisk Boldklub (AB) being a Copenhagen derby there was a decent number in the away section. AB have won 9 Danish league titles and was founded as early as 1889. As kick-off approached it started to rain and after a few pictures of flag-waving supporters I rushed to the main stand for cover.


I was actually sitting in a block next to both Hvidovre and AB supporters but there was not much aggro between the fans. Hvidovre dominated on the pitch meaning AB fans were a bit quiet for most of the match. In the 54th minute it was 3-0 to Hvidovre and 20 minutes later it was 4-0 to Hvidovre. AB had their chances to score but ineffective strikers meant they couldn´t find the net. Some AB fans left when Hvidovre made it 4-0 but most of them actually stayed to the bitter end. AB are now in the relegation zone and if they don´t improve there must be a big risk of them being relegated. Hvidovre have the chance to win promotion to Superligaen and can in that case look forward to a big derby with neighbours Brøndby. After the final whistle I headed back to Friheden station for the short ride back to central Copenhagen and by 17.30 I was back home again after my day out in Denmark.


hvidovre stadion

Hvidovre Stadion


hvidovre stadion2



east stand

East Stand


south stand

South Stand


south stand2

South Stand


west stand

West Stand


north stand

North Stand


south stand5

South Stand



AB fans



AB fans



Hvidovre fans



Hvidovre fans






View of play



View of play


pano, hvidovre stadion2



pano, hvidovre stadion3