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IFK Simrishamn United

Ground: Korsavads Konstgräsplan

Visits: 1

Date: 4th November 2023

Match: IFK Simrishamn United - Kävlinge Harrie  3-0  (Play-off to Division 5)

Attendance: 160

Normally there are two play-off rounds to division 4 & 5 but due to five teams from Skåne being relegated from division 3 (administered by SvFF) and only four being promoted from division 4 (administered by the local FA) there was a need for an extra play-off round. The two lowest ranked teams in the play-offs to division 5 were Kävlinge Harrie and IFK Simrishamn United. They met at Högalids IP in Kävlinge on Wednesday evening and it was now time for the last game of the season. The first leg ended 3-2 to IFK Simrishamn United meaning Kävlinge Harrie needed to win today´s match. IFK Simrishamn United is the academy team of IFK Simrishamn, who play in division 2, and normally they play at Korsavads IP in Simrishamn. I have already seen IFK Simrishamn at that ground but due to the pitch being in a poor condition the deciding play-off match was moved to the nearby artificial pitch, Korsavads Konstgräsplan. I am not the biggest fan of these pitches/grounds but a deciding play-off match is always interesting to attend.

Being the Baltic Sea it was windy and quite cold in Simrishamn but I had brought plenty of clothes. I counted around 160 spectators, many of whom had travelled from Kävlinge, but there was not too much to get excited about in the first half, 0-0 at half-time. In the second half the visitors looked the better side but with 15 minutes to go IFK Simrishamn United scored from a counter-attack to make it 1-0. Ten minutes later it was 3-0 and by now the game was over. A bitter end for Kävlinge Harrie but they will be first in line in case there is to be a vacant spot. As I left Korsavad there were all kinds of celebrations going on and this was a nice ending to my coverage of the lower leagues in Sweden this season.

In the extra play-off round to division 4 Kvarnby IK beat FK Besa btw.


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