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IFK Stocksund

Ground: Danderyds Gymnasium IP

Visits: 1

Date: 4th June 2023

Match: IFK Stocksund - Umeå FC  0-1  (Division 1 Norra)

Attendance: 200

The reason for me going to Stockholm this weekend was to visit one of my two remaining grounds in Division 1 Norra (Ettan Norra). I re-completed this league in August but with Karlstad moving to a new ground and IFK Stocksund being promoted I have some work to do to once again re-complete this league. Kick-off was at 14.30 and after leaving my hotel I made a tour around central Stockholm (royal castle, old city etc) by foot.

IFK Stocksund are based in Danderyd in northern Stockholm and they play their home games at Danderyds Gymnasium. There are actually two grounds, one with an artificial pitch and one with a grass pitch. So far this season IFK Stocksund has played their home games at Jurek Arena, which is the ground with an artificial pitch. Their website and Facebook said the artificial pitch but the official website of the Swedish FA said Danderyds Gymnasium IP, which is the grass pitch. The grounds are next to each other and upon arrival, some 75 minutes prior to kick-off, I noticed the game today would most likely be played at the grass pitch. I asked a club official who confirmed that was the case. There aren't too many grounds with a grass pitch in Division 1 Norra and I was pleased to attend the grass debut for IFK Stocksund.

There are running tracks and only two small open stands at Danderyds Gymnasium IP but with yet another sunny day there was no need for a roof. As had been the case in the other matches this weekend I was joined by Håkan from Göteborg. As the game was about to start Phillip from Germany showed up as well and it was of course nice to see him again. The three groundhoppers present could witness Umeå take an early lead, 0-1 in the 2nd minute. The quality of this game was higher than at the other three games this weekend but it was of course also a level higher than the others. Both teams had several chances to score goals and with 10 minutes to go IFK Stocksund were denied a clear penalty. In the end there were no more goals and my final match this weekend ended with a 1-0 victory for Umeå FC.

After the final whistle I made it back to central Stockholm and at 18.30 my train departed Stockholm C. At 23.15 I was then finally back home and a great weekend was coming to an end.








West Stand


West Stand


Players and officials entering




North End


View of play




View of Danderyds Gymnasium IP


East side




View of play


South End


West Stand


West Stand


West Stand