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IFK Klagshamn

Ground: Klagshamns Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 20th August 2011

Match: IFK Klagshamn - Olympic  2-0  (Division 2 Södra Götaland)

Attendance: 287


After 14 rounds of Division 2 Södra Götaland there was still one team who hadn´t lost this season. IFK Klagshamn, situated just south of Malmö, were two points clear of Ljungby before the match this afternoon. With today´s opponents being 3rd placed Olympic and the match also being a derby I set off for Klagshamn hoping for a decent attendance and an entertaining match. Klagshamns IP is only some hundered meters from the sea (Öresund) and with it being very windy at home I had plenty of clothes in my car. As I arrived it was quite warm though and I could leave most of my clothes in the car. Klagshamns IP is a very basic ground without any proper stands and if the club are promoted I doubt they would be allowed to play their matches here. IFK Klagshamn on their way to Division 1 and the fact they are still undefeated did not only attract me but also Sweden´s biggest newspaper (Aftonbladet). I soon understood the man next to me was a journalist but assumed he worked for one of  the local papers in Malmö. When I finally asked him he said he was working for Aftonbladet. "I didn´t know you are going to matches in this division" was my surprised reply but I was told they are going to write a story about the small club going up the league pyramid.


The match was quite good, IFK Klagshamn scored in the 44th minute and in the second half their goal-keeper showed his class too making several really good saves. In the last 10 minutes Klagshamn scored again and won the match 2-0. After watching them two weeks in a row I have to say they are, for this level, a really good side and I would be very surprised if they do not win this league. Whether they will play at Klagshamns IP next year remains to be seen though.


klagshamns ip

Entrance to Klagshamns IP



West End






North side



A closer look at the north side



East End



South side



A closer look at the south side


klagshamns ip, vy

View of Klagshamns IP



View of play



View of play



Extra assistant referee? (Picture taken during the match)


pano, klagshamns ip