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IFK Ölme

Ground: Ölme Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 13th September 2014

Match: IFK Ölme - Karlstad BK  1-2  (Division 2 Norra Götaland)

Attendance: 204


Carlstad United will win Division 2 Norra Götaland this year. That means promotion to Division 1 and most likely a move from Klasmossens IP, where they play this year, to Tingvalla IP. Having already been to a match at Tingvalla I decided to travel to Karlstad on 13 September for Carlstad United vs IFK Åmål. My plans were about to change though. Klasmossens IP has an artificial pitch and that pitch is in such a poor condition Carlstad United has decided to play their remaining matches this year at Tingvalla. I looked at different options and decided to go to another match in Division 2 Norra Götaland, IFK Ölme vs Karlstad BK. This match is kind of a derby and also a very important match at the bottom of the table. Ölme is situated near Kristinehamn and since I have around 430 km of driving to do in order to reach those parts of Sweden I decided to start my journey on Friday evening. Jönköping is more or less the half-way point to Kristinehamn and I spent the night in Jönköping. On Saturday I then only had 2h 30 min of driving to do.


Kick-off at Ölme IP was at 15.00 and since I was in Kristinehamn around 13.00 I decided to check in at my hotel before making the short journey to Ölme. Ölme is situated 9 km west of Kristinehamn (and 25 km from Karlstad) and has a population of 250. The village/club is probably most famous for the football player Magnus "Ölme" Johansson who won seven league titles with IFK Göteborg. IFK Ölme was the club where he started his career. The weather this Saturday was as nice as it is possible in mid-September, 19 degrees and a clear sky. I was at Ölme IP 70 minutes before kick-off and having no idea what the ground would look like I was a bit curious as I parked my car. Ölme IP has two small "stands", on the east and west sides of the ground, but with no roof this is a very basic football ground.. In total 204 spectators turned up and we were watching quite an entertaining match. Ölme were the better team in the first half and we 1-0 up at half-time. In the second half it was Karlstad BK who dominated though. They hit the post as well as the underside of the cross-bar but it seemed impossible for them to score. In the 76th minute they found the net to make it 1-1. After a defensive howler by a Ölme defender Karlstad BK then made it 1-2 in th 88th minute and this was to be the final score. Ölme are now stuck in the relegation zone and need to improve to avoid relegation. A great game for me and tomorrow I hope for something similar when I visit Råslätt vs HIF Akademi in Division 2 Västra Götaland.


ölme ip, entrance

Ölme IP, entrance


ifk ölme

IFK Ölme


dressing rooms

Dressing rooms


west stand

West Stand


west stand2

West Stand


north end

North End


east side

East side


east stand

East Stand


south end1

South End


west stand3

West Stand



Nice weather!


west stand4

West Stand


ölme ip, vy

View of Ölme IP



Ölme fans





east stand2

East Stand


east side2

East side


ölme ip, vy2

View of Ölme IP



View of play


pano, ölme ip1



pano, ölme ip3