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Jahn Regensburg

Ground: Continental Arena

Visits: 1

Date: 1st November 2019

Match: Jahn Regensburg - Osnabrück  3-3  (2. Bundesliga)

Attendance: 10 179

Prior to my tour this week to Germany I was missing three grounds in 2. Bundesliga. As fixtures were confirmed I realized I had the opportunity to visit those missing grounds during this weekend. First up was Jahn Regensburg v Osnabrück on Friday evening. My day started in Hannover and as I made the short walk to Hannover Hbf the temperature was around the freezing point. At 09.02 my ICE-train, bound for Wien, left Hannover and at 13.25 we arrived in Regensburg. Regensburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany and as early as year 179 a Roman fort was built for Legio III Italica during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.  It was an important camp at the most northerly point of the Danube (Donau) and it corresponds to what is today the core of Regensburg's Old City. Between 1135 and 1146, the Stone Bridge across the Danube was built at Regensburg. This bridge opened major international trade routes between northern Europe and Venice, and this began Regensburg's golden age as a residence of wealthy trading families. The old city is close to the station and my hotel was less than 10 minutes by foot. After checking-in I made a short sightseeing tour including a visit to the Stone Bridge and the Dom. It was only 7 degrees and with low clouds it was not exactly the best day for taking good pictures. I eventually ended up in an Italian restaurant where I enjoyed a late lunch.

Kick-off at Continental Arena was 18.30 and the club provides shuttle buses to the ground from Regensburg Hbf. Continental Arena was opened in July 2015 and has a capacity of 15,200. The home end (South Stand) is a terrace and for away fans in the north stand there is a small terrace as well. My seat was in the West Stand, close to the away end, and from row 15 I had (once again!) a good view of the pitch. Osnabrück brought around 300 fans to Regensburg and they gave their team a good vocal support tonight. At half-time it was 2-0 to Regensburg and the home team was by far the better team. My seat neighbor was from Osnabrück and at half-time he wrote (in German) “Everyone, everyone has been really poor” to a friend of his. Osnabrück pulled a goal back early on in the second half but it was then 3-1 and my seat neighbor was very upset and disappointed. In their last three matches Osnabrück had a combined goal difference of 0-1. Today was to be different though. In the closing stages they scored twice and the match ended 3-3. A great comeback by the visitors but the home fans were not at all pleased. As I left for the shuttle bus bringing me back to the train station the temperatures was down to + 5°C. There was also heavy rain coming down but thankfully I made it onto a bus without having to wait for too long, great organization. At 20.45 I was back at my hotel where I had something to eat and drink before going to bed.


Church and Dom

Dom-St-Peter.JPG               Tower.JPG

Dom St Peter                                                        Tower


Steinerne Brücke


Steinerne Brücke




Roman Graffiti


Continental Arena


Rear of the East Stand


Stadium graffiti


Stadium graffiti


North Stand


East Stand


South Stand


Teams and officials entering




Osnabrück fans


Osnabrück fans


East Stand


View of play


South Stand


Jahn Regensburg fans


Jahn Regensburg fans