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Date of my visit: 20th February 2014


Visiting Israel for football of course mean a chance to visit some of the holiest places in the world as well. I decided to make sightseeing trips to Bethlehem, the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. First up was the trip to Jerusalem and I have to admit I was as excited about this as I was when I visited Rome for the Champions League final a couple of years ago. With its uniqe history Jerusalem must be one of the most interesting cities in the world .


My alarm buzzed at 06.00 on Thursday morning. An hour later I was picked up by Bein Harim tours. We were in Jerusalem around 9am and the following hours were one of the most interesting in my life. Jerusalem is a city with so much history, so many holy sites it felt like walking in a historical movie.  The Western wall is the most holy site in Judaism, next to it is the golden dome (Dome of the Rock), the third most holy site in Islam. Standing at the Plaza looking down at these sites felt overwhelming. Wearing a Kippah I went down to the wall myself putting in a wish written down on a piece of paper. 30 minutes later we walked on Via Dolorosa before visiting the place where Jesus was crucified and then laid to rest. Overwhelming was the word!


jerusalem, vy

View of Jerusalem


jerusalem, vy5

View of Jerusalem


jerusalem, vy2

View of the Old city


jerusalem, vy3

Dome of the Rock


jaffa gate, outside

Outside Jaffa Gate


jaffa gate, inside

Inside Jaffa Gate


jaffa gate  armenian quarter

Jaffa Gate                                           Armenian Quarter


david tower

David Tower


roman street

Remains of a Roman street


golden menorah

Golden Menorah



The biggest synagogue in the Jewish Quarter


al aqsa mosque

Al Aqsa Mosque with the huge Jewish cemetery in the background


temple mount

Temple Mount


western wall and the dome of the rock

Western Wall and Dome of the Rock


western wall and the dome of the rock2

Western Wall and Dome of the Rock


western wall plaza

Western Wall Plaza


western wall3

Western Wall


western wall

Western Wall


western wall2

Bridge to Temple Mount


muslim quarters

Muslim Quarter


via dolorosa

Via Dolorosa


via dolorosa2

Via Dolorosa


handprint of jesus

Handprint of Jesus


simoni cyrenaeo

Simon of Cyrene, helped Jesus with the cross


church of the holy sepulcher

Church of the Holy Sepulcher


jesus was crucified

The place where Jesus was crucified


church of the holy sepulcher3

The place where Jesus was taken after death


resting place for jesus

Resting place for Jesus


church of the holy sepulcher, rotunda

Church of the Holy Sepulcher, rotunda