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KSF Kosova

Ground: Ellenborgs Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 20th April 2024

Match: KSF Kosova - NK Croatia  0-2  (Division 4 Skåne Sydvästra)

Attendance: 300

For Saturday 20th April the plan was to go to Malmö where I would then complete Division 4 Skåne Sydvästra. When the fixture list was published I noticed it was possible to visit my two missing grounds the same day. Normally (more or less) every game in the lower leagues starts at 13.00 or 14.00, making doubles impossible. For some reason Heleneholms SK hosted Bunkeflo FF at 15.00 making it just about doable with a visit to Ellenborgs IP where Kosova hosted Croatia in a Balkan derby at 13.00. Ellenborgs IP are situated next to the inner ringway in Rosengård, an eastern suburb to Malmö. I actually had some problems finding the ground but I eventually found it and parked strategically for a quick getaway. I was inside the ground 30 minutes prior to kick-off and with the grill already operating and plenty of fans of all ages it was obvious this was to be a game with a good attendance.

NK Croatia were promoted from Division 5 at the end of last season and in the 1st half at Ellenborgs IP they were clearly the better team. It was “only” 0-1 at half-time and even though Kosova played better in the 2nd half Croatia deservedly won 2-0. The attendance was around 300 and in general I have to say it was a very warm and friendly atmosphere, both on and off the pitch. After the final whistle I hurried to my car and with a minute to spare I made kick-off at Heleneholms IP!




East End


South side


West End


Players and officials entering




North side


North side


View of play


Home fans




South side


View of play


View of Ellenborgs IP