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Kävlinge Harrie

Ground: Högalids Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 21st October 2023

Match: Kävlinge Harrie FF - FC Kopparmöllan  3-1  (Play-off to Division 5, 1st leg)

Attendance: 110

Two weeks ago I was ill and last weekend I played table tennis. After two weeks without live football I was really looking forward to this weekend. Looking at the weather forecast (storm and heavy rain) I was worried I would miss out again but thankfully the winds died down on Saturday morning. Not taking any risks I decided to play it safe and attend a game being played at an artificial pitch. In 2021 Kävlinge GIF and Harrie FF merged and formed Kävlinge Harrie FF. In 2023 the club played in division 6 and ended up in a play-off spot. Kävlinge Harrie won in the 1st play-off round last weekend and in the final round of qualifying they are playing against FC Kopparmöllan. Kävlinge Harrie FF play at Högalids IP and having an artificial pitch this was to be my choice for the day.

Most grounds in division 6 don't have any stands at all but Högalids IP is an exception to the rule. The south side has quite a big covered seated stand and there can´t be many clubs at this level with a bigger stand. There was free entrance at Högalids IP for this play-off game, which attracted just over 100 spectators. A group of young fans had made an impressive banner and they also brought a few flags. One of the flags said “100% anti FIK” which refers to local rivals Furulunds IK and this flag actually made me smile. They young fans did their best to create a good atmosphere through-out the 90 minutes. FC Kopparmöllan played in division 5 this season but it was the team from the lower division who scored the goals in the 1st half, 2-0 to Kävlinge Harrie at the break. With five minutes to go the hosts scored again to make it 3-0, an excellent score ahead of next weekend's return leg. In stoppage time Kopparmöllan pulled a goal back and in the process the Kävlinge Harrie goalkeeper was sent off. No more goals though and it will be difficult for Kopparmöllan to turn this around next Saturday.






East End


South Stand


South Stand


South Stand


West End


North side


Kävlinge Harrie entering




View of play


North side


View of play


South Stand


Banner (Towards Division 5)