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Ground: Stadshagens IP

Visits: 1

Date: 24th June 2015

Match: Karlberg - Sundbyberg  1-3  (Division 3 Östra Svealand)

Attendance: 50


Flying to Luleå early on Thursday morning I looked for fixtures in the Stockholm area on Wednesday evening. There were only two options and I decided for Karlberg vs Sundbyberg in Division 3 Östra Svealand. Kick-off for that game was at 19.30 so I was not exactly in a hurry as I woke up in in Vetlanda on Wednesday morning. At 10.50 my bus left for Nässjö and at 12.20 the train left Nässjö. Shortly before 3pm I was in Stockholm. Flying quite early on Thursday I had booked an airport hotel for the night. That meant I had to spend a few hours at Stockholm C before going to Stadshagens IP, for the match, and then finally going out to Arlanda in the evening. After storing my bag I started to read my book and after two hours of reading I went to a pub to have something to eat and drink.


Stadshagen is only three stops with the underground from Stockholm C and at 18.30 I was at Stadshagens IP. An hour before kick-off there were no signs at all of the upcoming game. Plenty of smaller goals on the pitch and children playing around. Eventually the players showed up and started to remove the smaller goals from the pitch. Stadshagens IP has an artificial pitch and one stand in the west side of the ground. This is a typical example of a ground for a Division 2/3 club in Stockholm. Karlberg vs Sundbyberg is kind of a derby but unlike in Vetlanda the previous night this derby didn´t excite the locals. Free entrance and in total around 50 in attendance. At times the sky was black but somehow we had mostly sunshine at Stadshagens IP. The game itself was quite entertaining, Sundbyberg made it 0-1 in the 10th minute. Karlberg equalized in the 42nd and it was 1-1 at half-time. Sundbyberg scored twice in the second half to win 3-1. Karlberg had their chances though and could have snatched a point. One of their misses was remarkable and made people laugh! After the match I hurried to Stockholm C to pick up my bag and around 22.30 I was finally at my airport hotel next to Arlanda.


stadshagens ip

Stadshagens IP


west stand

West Stand


west stand1

West Stand


north end1

North End


east side

East side


benches (east)

Benches (east side)





south end

South End


pitch invasion

Pitch invasion


players and officials

Players and officials entering the field






Karlberg fans



Karlberg fans



View of play



View of play



View of play



View of play


west stand2

West Stand


pano, stadshagens ip1



pano, stadshagens ip5