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Karlshamn United

Ground: Marieborg

Visits: 1

Date: 31st August 2019

Match: Karlshamn United - Saxemara  3-5  (Division 3 Sydöstra Götaland)

Attendance: 75

Karlshamn United were founded in 2015 and after several promotions the club is now playing in Division 3 Sydöstra Götaland. Their home ground, Marieborg, is situated in Svängsta which is around 10 km north of Karlshamn. As I understand it the local football club, Svängsta IF, don´t have a senior team anymore but having seen a few pictures of the ground I am pleased Karlshamn United has decided to play at Marieborg. Being only 45 minutes by car it was the shortest trip for me to a new ground in the top five divisions in Sweden this year. As I set off it was yet another warm day in southern Sweden and once in Svängsta I had problems finding a place to park my car. Outside the main entrance there were only 10 or so places and they were all taken. 100 metres to the south I eventually found a sign saying “Parking for football” but coming from my direction (north) it was trickier than expected. The main stand at Marieborg is a really nice wooden stand and the ground is well worth a visit. The conditions today were as good as they can be the last weekend of August and with both teams fighting to avoid relegation it was an important match for both of them.

The match at Marieborg turned out to be one of the most eventful matches I have attended in quite a while. Karlshamn United made it 1-0 early on and Saxemara equalized 20 minutes later. A home player then shoots the re-start directly into the back of the net to make it 2-1. I have been to many matches in my life but I have never seen that happening. Shortly before the break Saxemara equalizes from an overhead kick but the drama in the first half didn´t end there. The Karlshamn United goalkeeper was sent off for hitting a Saxemara player and the home team had to replace him with an outfield player. When Saxemara scored in the 48th minute, after a huge mistake by the new keeper, to make it 2-3 I was convinced it was all over for Karlshamn United. The home team equalized to 3-3 though and pressed on for a winner. 10 minutes from the end Karlshamn United scored an own-goal and it was then 3-5 in the final minute of normal time. A highly entertaining afternoon for me but I guess Karlshamn United are very disappointed with the outcome. Both teams are now just above the relegation zone and with only four games remaining there will be a lot at stake at those games.






North Stand


North Stand


North Stand


East End


South side


West End


West End


Referees were not pleased with this chalking!


Players and officials entering




View of play


North Stand


View of Marieborg


South side