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Kristianstads Arenaområde

Ground: Kristianstads Arenaområde (konstgräs 1)

Visits: 1

Date: 10th February 2024

Match: Kristianstads DFF - Malmö FF  5-0  (Friendly)

Attendance: 175

When Kristianstads Fotbollsarena was opened in 2018 an artificial pitch was built nearby. This pitch works as a winter venue for football in Kristianstad and is officially called Kristianstads Fotbollsarena konstgräs 1. Having not seen a match at this “ground” I was looking at interesting fixtures and a friendly between Kristianstads DFF and Malmö FF is indeed interesting. Since restarting their women's team in 2020 Malmö FF have been promoted four times and will play the 2024 season in Elitettan (level 2). Kristianstad is a well established Allsvenskan team and despite the temperature being just about above zero I was looking forward to my first game in 2024.

Around 175 spectators were present for this friendly and in the 1st half Malmö FF played quite well but were still 2-0 down at half-time. In the 2nd half there it was a very one-sided affair and in the end it was 5-0 to Kristianstads DFF. In my opinion it was closer to 7-0 than 5-1 and it is obvious Malmö FF is far from being an Allsvenskan team. They will still be strong favourites to win Elitettan though and next season this might be a top division fixture.

It is not very often I buy a 50/50 lottery ticket but I did today and to my surprise my number was the one being read out by the announcer. 1,520 SEK (around 150 Euros) and although it was a cold afternoon I was very pleased when I arrived back home!




North End


East side


South End


Malmö FF entering the field


A relaxed dog




View of play


View of Kristianstads Arenaområde


View of Kristianstads Arenaområde


West side


West side


West side




The winning number!