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Ground: Bäckagårds Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 10th September 2011

Match: Kvarnby - IFK Klagshamn  1-0  (Division 2 Södra Götaland)

Attendance: 156


After 17 rounds (out of 22) in Division 2 Södra Götaland IFK Klagshamn still hadn´t lost this season. They were only 5 points ahead of Ljungby though meaning the Malmö derby against Kvarnby this afternoon was an important match for the yellow and blue from Klagshamn. Kvarnby IK is situated in eastern Malmö, quite close to the outer ring road, and despite no traffic signs (or anything else) directing me I managed to find the ground without too much trouble. Bäckagård is a training complex with several artificial pitches and was opened in October 2010. My GPS, Google and Eniro still has to do this update. Anyway, as I walked through the only turnstyle I could quickly notice the ground was more of a training pitch than an actual ground. There is one small terrace on the west side but with crowds normally being between 100 and 150 I guess there is no need for bigger stands.


During the first 45 minutes neither side could find the net, the best chance was for Kvarnby but the away keeper made a good save from the point blank header. In the second half there was a couple of decent opportunities for both teams but they were all spoiled by some bad finishing. As the match was heading for a 0-0 draw Kvarnby, with 4 minutes to go, suddenly managed to score from a good move and despite Klagshamn throwing everything forward the match ended 1-0 to Kvarnby. The last undefeated team in Swedish football had lost and with Ljungby winning the lead is now down to 2 points with 4 matches to go. An interesting climax to the season and this might go down to the last round.


bäckagårds ip

View of Bäckagårds IP



Problems with the corner flag


north end

North End


east side

East side of the ground





south end

South End


west side

West side of the ground


west stand2

West Stand


west side2

West side



View of play






An interested observer


pano, bäckagårds ip3