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Lilla Torg

Ground: Mariedals Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 26h May 2022

Match: Lilla Torg - Vellinge  2-1  (Division 3 Södra Götaland)

Attendance: 100

Division 3 Södra Götaland is the southernmost of the 12 Division 3-leagues in Sweden and a league I have completed several times. In 2021 Lilla Torg were promoted as best runner-up and since I still haven't been to Mariedals IP I looked at possible options. Thursday 26 May is a public holiday in Sweden and with Lilla Torg hosting Vellinge at 13.00 I decided this was the fixture when I would finally visit Mariedals IP. The ground is situated in central Malmö, next to Kronprinsen (until 2005 the tallest building in Malmö). My partner joined me today but she was dropped off at the Emporia shopping mall. From Emporia it was then only 12 minutes to Mariedals IP. I was not sure where it was possible to park but I managed to find a parking spot right by the entrance.

The ground is basic but I am still pleased that Lilla Torg play on grass, too many clubs from the bug cities play at an artificial pitch. Lilla Torg FF is a merger of several clubs. In 1974 Lydia and Marathon merged to form LM-74. In 2006 Allians IF joined the merger and the club was renamed Lilla Torg FF. The club has played a few seasons in division 2 but in recent years Lilla Torg has been in division 3 and 4. There was free entrance at Mariedals IP and the crowd, around 100, was actually slightly bigger than I expected. Around half of those present were supporting Vellinge and after only a few minutes Vellinge was, from the penalty spot, 1-0 up. Lilla Torg equalized in the 35th minute though and at half-time it was 1-1. At half-time I had a toast for lunch and it was great to find a club trying to sell not only hot dogs.

It was actually quite an entertaining game at Mariedals IP and in the 2nd half both teams attacked with the ambition of finding the winning goal. Vellinge are fighting to stay up and in the end they would lose this game as well. When the final whistle was blown the rain had arrived but above all it ended 2-1 to Lilla Torg.






South End


View of play


West side


View of play


North End


Penalty, Vellinge (scored)


East side


East side


East side


View of Mariedals IP