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Limhamn/Bunkeflo (Brovallen)

Ground: Brovallen

Visits: 1

Date: 4th August 2018

Match: Limhamn/Bunkeflo - Balkan  4-1  (Division 3 Södra Götaland)

Attendance: 120

I returned from Slovenia last Sunday but wanting to do one more trip abroad before my holidays end I had booked a flight to Prague on Saturday evening. One game in the Czech capital before continuing with three games in Germany. The flight to Prague departed 18.15 and that meant I could visit Brovallen in Bunkeflostrand for Limhamn/Bunkeflo (aka LB07) v Balkan before making my way to the airport. Bro is the Swedish word for bridge and Brovallen is next to the Öresund bridge. Kick-off was at 13.00 meaning I had plenty of time to get to the airport. I left Kristianstad at 11am and 70 minutes later I parked my car outside Brovallen. Apart from being very convenient for me Brovallen was also my only remaining ground in Division 3 Södra Götaland, the most southern of the 12 level 5-leagues in Sweden. The ground is basic with only one small stand but at least the pitch is a natural one and there are no running tracks. After taking a few pictures I stayed behind the goal in the south end of the ground until the game started. This was the only part of Brovallen not directly in the sun.

In 2008 LB07 played in Superettan but last year they were as low as Division 4. At the moment the club is second in the table in Division 3 Södra Götaland and maybe the club is on the rise again. Back in 2008 LB07 played at Limhamns IP but nowadays it is their women´s team (currently in Allsvenskan) who are playing at that ground. As the game started LB07 immediately went on the attack and after four minutes the home team was 1-0 up. Balkan equalized two minutes later though. In total around 120 spectators (free entrance) were at Brovallen for this game and quite a few of them supported the away team. LB07 were by far the better team and as the referee blew the final whistle the score-board said 4-1. Another complete league for me and 45 minutes after the game had finished I was then at Copenhagen airport for my flight to Prague.


Öresund bridge (pitch in the picture is not where the game was played)




Dressing rooms


West Stand


Grass hill


North End


East side


South End


Teams entering




View of play


View of play


View of play


View of play


View of play


West Stand


West Stand


West Stand