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Ground: Lyngby Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 29th August 2010

Match: Lyngby - Brøndby  3-3  (Superligaen)

Attendance: 5 192


Lyngby BK has twice (1983 and 1992) won the Danish league title but after financial problems the club had to start all over again in Danmarksserien (Level 4) in 2002. The way back went quite smoothly though and when the 2007/8 season started Lyngby BK once again played in the top division. After being relegated to 1. Divisionen Lyngby once again made it back to Superligaen for the 2010/11 season. The club is situated in Kongens Lyngby, a northern suburb to Copenhagen, and play their matches at Lyngby Stadion. I wanted to visit this ground for one of Lyngby´s derby matches, against Brøndby or FCK, knowing it would be a great atmosphere and an attendance far higher than for normal matches. The stadium is quite close to the motorway and as I decided to drive this Sunday it was no too difficult to find my way to Lyngby Stadion. Even though there are running tracks I have to say I really like the ground. Being surrounded by a hedge made it feel more like being inside a park than a football ground (well, almost). For this game home fans had one half of the ground and the visitors from Brøndby the other. As Lyngby went 2-0 up in the first half the atmosphere from the home supporters was great. Despite being out in big numbers the Brøndby supporters were almost outsung by the home fans in the latter parts of the first half. When the second half was about to start the away supporters suddenly threw lots of fireworks onto the pitch meaning a delay before the game could restart. Somehow this fired up the visitors on the pitch as well and it was suddenly 2-2. I was by now sure that Brøndby was to win the game but with 10 minutes to go Lyngby made it 3-2 and seemed to hold on for a memorable victory. Two minutes into stoppage time Brøndby managed to equalise again though and the match ended 3-3. A thrilling game came to an end and with an excellent atmosphere and six goals I could look back on a very good day out.


lyngby stadion

Outside Lyngby Stadion



Souvenirs for sale


east stand

East Stand


south curve

South Curve


west stand

West Stand


north curve

North Curve


east stand2

East Stand



Lyngby fans



Come on Lyngby!


lyngby stadion3

View of play





west stand3

West Stand



Brøndby fans



Brøndby banner



Provocative away supporters



Brøndby fans on fire....



Young Lyngby fan


north curve2

North Curve


pano, lyngby stadion



pano, lyngby stadion3