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Manchester City

Ground: Etihad Stadium (City of Manchester Stadium)

Visits: 2

Date: 6th April 2007

Match: Manchester C - Charlton  0-0  (Premier League)

Attendance: 41 424

Date: 29th December 2019

Match: Manchester C - Sheffield U  2-0  (Premier League)

Attendance: 54 512

Report (Manchester C v Charlton) 

Just as last year I decided to travel to England during Easter. Four matches within five days and the fact I am always free from work this week makes this a perfect time to travel. I arrived in Manchester by 2pm but with a 5.15 kick-off I had plenty of time to check-in and have something to eat before heading towards the City of Manchester Stadium. I walked from my hotel (35 min.) and was at the stadium about 1h 15min before kick-off. I took some pictures of the empty ground and watched the ground fill up more than I had expected. 41,500 was there. Not bad considering the positions in the table. After some early (half)chances Man C fell asleep and in the second half the home team was very poor and Charlton had their chances but couldn´t score. Not the best of matches but a nice ground, reminded me in a way about Zentralstadion in Leipzig.

Report (Manchester C v Sheffield U)

My first game of the day, Crewe v Scunthorpe, ended at 16.52 but with the train station in Crewe being next to the ground I had no problems to buy something to eat and drink before catching the train back to Manchester Piccadilly. With kick-off between Manchester C v Sheffield being 18.00 I knew I would miss the start of the game but I was hoping to arrive after 10-15 minutes. The train was at Piccadilly 17.52 and I rushed towards the taxi rank. I was lucky with picking my taxi, the driver used some smaller roads and managed to bring me all the way to my entrance. He got a tip and after 3 minutes in 54 seconds I was in my seat, not bad! This was to be yet another Premiership game with the now infamous VAR-system in focus. Sheffield U took the lead but that goal was ruled of offside. Having seen the replays it was a very close one and the away fans were chanting “It´s not football anymore”. Manchester C eventually won 2-0 but it could have been a different story if that Blades goal have stood. Anyway, this was my second visit to the Etihad Stadium and although I am not exactly a supporter of Manchester City I have to admit it is quite a nice Premiership ground. 


City of Manchester Stadium



Manchester City FC



City fans



Athletics ground next to the stadium


north stand

North Stand


east stand

East Stand


south stand

South Stand

Pictures from Manchester C v Charlton 

north stand2

North Stand


east stand2

East Stand


south stand2

South Stand


charlton fans inside

Charlton fans

Pictures from Manchester C v Sheffield U


West Stand


My view


North Stand


East Stand