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Ground: Midgårdsvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 27th June 2011

Match: Valsta Syrianska - Akropolis  2-1  (Division 1 Norra)

Attendance: 308


In February 2015 Valsta Syrianska went bankrupt and the club was dissolved


The second match on this trip, Valsta Syrianska - Akropolis, was another match in the Stockholm area. Valsta Syrianska are based in Märsta in northern Stockholm. Valsta is a part of Märsta with a big immigrant population. There are several Syrianska teams in the top divisions in Sweden and with football being popular among the Syrians in Sweden they have produced several top class footballers in recent years. This was an evening match and I decided to spend most of the day at Skansen, one of the big tourist attractions in Stockholm. Being a Sweden in miniature combined with the famous Akvariet (with monkeys, snakes etc) this was a good way to kill a few hours. Later in the afternoon I returned to my friend´s place to rest before making the journey to Märsta. Märsta is the end station of a commuter trainline and from my friend´s place it was almost an hour to Märsta.


Deciding to walk I arrived at Midgårdsvallen with 40 minutes to go before kick-off. Valsta Syrianska don´t have big crowds and Midgårdsvallen is another small, basic ground. The main stand is a proper stand though, only problem is there are only 400 seats but at least it is roofed and has wind shields on the sides. The far side is an open terrace. This stand is quite small but until Valsta Syrianska are promoted to Superettan I guess there is no need for bigger stands. Akropolis, with Greek roots, had quite a few fans at Midgårdsvallen and sometimes it felt like being abroad watching football.


Valsta Syrianska scored a great goal from a free-kick in the first half. Akropolis equalised in the second half and with 15 minutes to go they were rewarded (a soft) penalty. The Greek fans were by now in a good mood but the penalty was saved and instead Valsta Syrianska were rewarded a penalty as well, in the 87th minute. This one was scored and the match finished 2-1 to the home team. Only 308 (3 more than the day before) turned up but with the last match on this trip being the Norrbotten derby at least I will have one match with a big crowd on my trip.








east stand1

East Stand


east stand

A closer look at the East Stand


south end

South End


west stand

West Stand


north end

North End



Fans hugging





east stand2

East Stand



View of play


west stand2

West Stand



View of play


midgårdsvallen, vy

View of Midgårdsvallen


pano, midgårdsvallen