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Ground: Öllervallen

Visits: 1

Date: 12th September 2020

Match: Näsum - Edenryd  1-1  (Division 6 Skåne Nordöstra B)

Attendance: 50

Going through my options for the weekend I decided to go to Näsum v Edenryd in Division 6 Skåne Nordöstra B. In recent weeks I have been to games in Olofström and Jämshög and on my way I have passed Öllervallen in Näsum. With teams only playing each other once this season, meaning only 11 matches in total, it is tight at the top in most local leagues. Edenryd has six wins and a draw so far and if they were to win in Näsum they would go top. Being kind of a local derby I realized this match would attract an attendance close to the allowed 50. As I arrived at 11.45 (Kick-off 12.30) there was already plenty of cars in the car park but I had no problems to enter. At 12.10 they gate was closed though but it still looked like more than the allowed 50 had passed the turnstile. Öllervallen is quite a basic ground with no proper stand but there are no running tracks and the playing surface is natural grass. It was possible to borrow a chair but I decided to stand through-out the match.

2/3 of those present were supporting Edenryd and looking at the table I was convinced this would be an easy afternoon for them. Edenryd had several chances early on but it was actually Näsum who took the lead in the 35th minute. To me it looked like an Edenryd player headed the ball into his own net but things like that can easily happen. In the second half it was all Edenryd and with 20 minutes to go they equalized. Despite several good chances to the visitors it ended 1-1 meaning Kiaby, with three games remaining, are one point ahead of Edenryd at the top. In two weeks’ time Edenryd host Kiaby at Östersjöwallen in Edenryd….




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