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Ground: Nävlinge Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 4th June 2021

Match: Nävlinge - Hästveda  2-1  (Division 5 Skåne Nordöstra)

Attendance: 150

The top three divisions in Sweden started as planned, albeit without fans, in April but Division 2 and below had to wait a little longer. The first weekend in June was the last possible starting date for a full season and two weeks ago the green light was given. It will be a season with lots of games during the summer and the final games won´t be played until mid-November. Having to work on Saturday I was delighted to find out there were plenty of local games to choose from on Friday evening. In the end I decided to visit Nävlinge IP for Nävlinge v Hästveda in Division 5 Skåne Nordöstra. Nävlinge is 30 minutes by car for me and with the weather being glorious I was quite excited about going to a domestic match with fans. For smaller grounds without proper stands the maximum number of spectators allowed is 100 but I doubt many lower league clubs will enforce a strict control. Nävlinge won Division 6 last year and their opening match attracted, for this level, a big crowd to Nävlinge IP. No official attendance was given but my estimation is 150, which of course indicate the appetite for live football is enormous at the moment.

Hästveda were the better team early on but after missing a penalty the momentum changed. At half-time it was 1-0 to Nävlinge but in the second half Hästveda were awarded another penalty and this time they managed to score, 1-1. The football on offer was not exactly brilliant but both teams were fighting hard to find that winning goal and the intensity made it interesting to watch. One of my pupils plays for Nävlinge and with 15 minutes to go he assisted as Nävlinge scored to win 2-1.  Most of those present were of course pleased with the result and I guess this is lower league football at its best!


West side


Players entering




View of play


View of play


View of play




North End


Penalty, Hästveda (saved)


East side




South End


Penalty, Hästveda (scored)


West side


West side


West side


West side