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Nõmme Kalju

Ground: Hiiu staadion

Visits: 1

Date: 2nd May 2015

Match: Nõmme Kalju - Trans Narva  4-1 (Meistriliiga)

Attendance: 310


Nõmme Kalju has won every match (8 out of 8) in Meistriliiga, the top division in Estonia, this season. With Flora losing the derby against Levadia (0-1) Nõmme Kalju had the chance to increase their lead at the top to six points. The match against Trans Narva kicked-off at 19.00 and I could hear the whistle as the match started. My bus was a few minutes late and despite walking as fast as I could from Nõmme Torg I missed the first 30 seconds or so of the match at Hiiu staadion. Last year Nõmme Kalju played at Kadioru staadion, the home of Levadia Tallinn, but this year they are back at Hiiu staadion. Hiiu staadion is a very basic ground with running tracks and an artificial pitch. There is a small wooden stand in the south side of the ground but apart from that it is flat standing only.


Nõmme Kalju´s most vocal fans are standing to the left of the only stand and I decided to stand next to them. The home fans had plenty to cheer about this evening. Flora losing and Nõmme Kalju 1-0 up at half-time. In the second half Trans Narva had two players sent off and despite scoring a spectacular goal the visitors from eastern Estonia had no chance against Nõmme Kalju. The match finished 4-1 to Nõmme Kalju who are now six points clear at the top. Nõmme, one of the wealthiest parts of Estonia, is situated in the southwest outskirts of Tallinn but it only took 14 minutes to get back to central Tallinn with the ELR train. I enjoyed a late dinner before returning to my hotel. Estonia was my first new country in 2015 and hopefully I can visit some more new countries in the summer.


hiiu staadion, entrance

Entrance to Hiiu staadion


south stand

South Stand


roosad pantrid

Roosad Pantrid (Pink Panthers)


west end

West End


north side

North side


east end

East End


east end1

East End


south stand2

South Stand


south stand1

South Stand


south stand3

South Stand


nömme kaljufans2

Nõmme Kalju fans


nömme kaljufans

Nõmme Kalju fans






View of play


hiiu staadion, vy

View of Hiiu staadion


north side1

View of Hiiu staadion


watching for free

Watching for free





after the match

After the match


pano, hiiu staadion2