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Ground: Tunavallen

Visits: 1

Date: 26th July 2023

Match: Notviken 2 - Polcirkeln/Svanstein  6-0  (Division 4 Norrbotten Norra)

Attendance: 40

A few weeks ago I was informed by my friend Leif about the possibility of a trip to northern Sweden and Finland. Starting on Wednesday evening I could go to four games, two in each country, and Leif also offered me a stay at his house in Tärendö for three nights. Two of those games, one in each country, would be north of the Arctic Circle and those grounds are obviously quite unique for a groundhopper. My journey started early on Wednesday morning when I set off for Malmö airport. Via Stockholm I arrived in Luleå around 16.00 and 30 minutes later I was at my hotel in central Luleå.

First up was Notviken 2 v Polcirkeln/Svanstein in Division 4 Norrbotten Norra. Kick-off at Tunavallen was 19.30 meaning I had plenty of time to get something to eat and drink before setting off for the ground. Conveniently for me there was a bus stop next to Tunavallen and once there I noticed plenty of activity. Tunavallen has an artificial pitch and a small open stand but even for their 1st team, playing in division 2, that is more than enough. The grass pitch was right next to the main pitch and although it looked fine to me Notviken obviously prefers to play on an artificial pitch. Polcirkeln is Swedish for “The Arctic Circle” and the name of the visitors refers to being from the village of Jouksengi, which is situated right at the Arctic Circle. Polcirkeln/Svanstein had six players missing from their regular starting eleven and that was noticeable. Notviken 2 had a comfortable evening and won 6-0, two of those goals from the penalty spot.




South End


West side


North End


East Stand




View of Tunavallen


View of play


Penalty, Notviken (scored)


East Stand


East Stand


East Stand


View of play


View of play