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Ground: Næstved Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 1st November 2009

Match: Næstved - AB  2-0  (1. Division)

Attendance: 2 184


I was supposed to travel back home by train from Hamburg to Kristianstad this Sunday, which I eventually did. However, a German friend of mine (Maik) adviced me my train would be in the Danish town of Næstved by 1.18 pm and there was a match in 1. Divisionen between Næstved and AB this afternoon (AB stands for Akademisk Boldklub and they are from Copenhagen.) The match started at 1.45 pm and this of course an opportunity I couldn´t resist. I met up with Maik at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and since it was a while ago we last met we had a lot of stories and trips to talk about and suddenly we were in Putgarden and the 50 minute ferry journey to Denmark. The train journey then continued from Rødby and we arrived in Næstved on time. After a 15 minute walk we arrived at Næstved Stadion, just in time for kick-off.

Næstved Stadion was opened in 1944 and has since then been expanded and renovated  several times, often in minor steps with small funds. The last major renovation was made in 2002 when the running tracks were removed and the pitch moved closer to the main stand. The record attendance is from 1980 when 20 315 came to see Næstved play KB but nowdays the capacity is around 10 000 of which 2,300 can sit in the all-seated covered main stand. The crowd for this afternoon´s game was much bigger than expected ( 2 184). Both teams play in the same colours and it was a bit weird to see both set of fans wave green and white flags when the teams entered the pitch. It was the green and white home fans who left the game happy though as Næstved won by 2-0.


næstved stadion

Næstved Stadion


south stand

South Stand


teams entering

Teams entering


west stand

West Stand



View of play






View of play


north stand

North Stand


east stand

East Stand


ab fans

AB fans


pano, næstved stadion