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Nykøping FC

Ground: CM Arena (Nykøping Falster Idrætspark)

Visits: 1

Date: 11th July 2020

Match: Nykøping FC - HB Køge  0-1  (1. Division)

Attendance: 400

​2020 is indeed a very special year for all of us. In mid-February I was in Spain and 27 February I was at the Europa League round of 16 game between Malmö FF and Wolfsburg. I was then supposed to complete The 92 at Easter and of course attend Euro 2020 games. Several domestic grounds were on my list as well but in mid-March most of Europe was closed down and no football was available. The Swedish leagues started 15 June but fans won´t be allowed until “after the summer”, whatever that means. Some countries are once again allowing limited number of fans at their matches and Denmark is one of those countries. Due to the infection rate in Sweden the bridge to Denmark has been closed since mid-March for Swedish citizens (unless they work in Denmark) though. Since the infection rate in Skåne, the southernmost county of Sweden, has been similar to Denmark it has been frustrating for me, and many others, not being able visit Denmark. At mid-night a regional solution made sure the bridge would open up to those living in regions with an infection rate of less than 20 per 100,000 in the last 14 days. Knowing Nykøping FC would host HB Køge in 1. Division on Saturday afternoon I made plans to finally be back inside a football ground. Capacity was capped to 500 but having secured an accreditation I knew I would be able to enter the ground. I set off at 9am and once at the bridge there were much fewer cars than normal. On the artificial island (Peberholm) linking the bridge with the tunnel the Danes has put up a border control and I had to show proof of residence. Since my printed copy said Kristianstad, Skåne I could enter Denmark without any problems. Nykøping is situated on the island of Falster and with most Danish cars heading towards Fyn and Jylland traffic was easy once I had left the Copenhagen to Fyn/Jylland motorway. At noon I could then park my car outside the ground.

Three teams are being relegated from 1. Division, the second tier in Denmark, and with Nykøping being in the relegation zone they really need to win their remaining two home games of the season. HB Køge are involved in the battle to avoid relegation as well meaning an important game for both teams this afternoon. As I tried to enter the ground I struggled to find an official telling me where I could pick up my accreditation and in the end I was told to just enter and find a spot in the seated West Stand. CM Arena, formely Nykøping Falster Idrætspark, has an official capacity of 10,000 of which 2,000 are covered seats. I struggle to understand how 10,000 can be inside the ground but playing in 1. Division Nykøping normally have crowds between 600 and 1,200. As I said earlier the maximum capacity is 500 but that number includes players and officials as well. The official attendance was announced as 400 which I guess was a sell-out. Nykøping v HB Køge was quite an entertaining game. The visitors took the lead early on but towards the end of the first half Nykøping FC had most of the possession. In the second half the home team pressed on for that important equalizer but they couldn´t find the back of the net. In stoppage time a shot deflected off the keeper and then hit the bar. As close as you can get but the match ended 0-1 and for Nykøping FC relegation is now the most likely outcome of this strange season. CM Arena was ground 8/12 for me in 1 Division. In total I have now been to 40 grounds in Denmark but hopefully I will add to that number later in the summer.



Nice surroundings!


CM Arena (Nykøping Falster Idrætspark)




North Stand


East Stand


South Stand


West Stand


West Stand


Home team entering the field




Fans enjoying the nice weather




View of play


East Stand


East Stand


View of play


View of play


West Stand


Vocal Nykøping fans