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Branteviks IP

Ground: Branteviks Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 26th April 2014

Match: Österlen FF - Hittarp  2-3  (Division 3 Södra Götaland)

Attendance: 120


In 2010 Branteviks IF and Rörums SK merged and formed a new club, Brantevik/Rörum Österlen FF. In time for the 2014 season Skillinge IF joined the merger and the club is now called Österlen FF. Home matches in the first half of the season are played at Branteviks IP and after the short summer break the club will play at Skillinge IP. Österlen is the southeastern part of Skåne (Scania in English), which itself is the most southern county in Sweden. In the winter time the area is a bit quiet but from Easter onwards Österlen is one of the most visited parts of Sweden. Plenty of people from Stockholm etc have summer houses in Österlen and having been here many times myself it is not difficult to understand why. From where I live it takes around 80 minutes by car to Brantevik and with the weather being glorious I made a late decision to visit the match in Division 3 Södra Götaland between Österlen FF and Hittarp. Both teams have started the season well, two wins each and maximum points after two rounds.


Hittarp started the match looking the better team and had a couple of chances to take the lead. It was Österlen who would scored the first goal though. A nicely curved left-foot shot from 25 yards, via the post, made it 1-0. A couple of minutes later it was 2-0. Hardly a fair score-line but Hittarp fought back and when the first half was over it was 2-2. A very entertaining match so far. Hittarp then scored early in the second half to complete the come-back. They also hit the post twice but no more goals and the match ended 2-3. This was a very nice day out. Finally something that made me smile this afternoon: "We are allowed to yell at the referee at this match, aren´t we?" This was asked by a Hittarp supporter to Urban Stoltz, the away manager. Hittarp are from the Helsingborg area and Stoltz is a former player of Helsingborgs IF. This was in regard to the "contract" you have to sign to watch football at Olympia in Helsingborg nowadays.



View of Brantevik



View of Brantevik


branteviks ip, entre

Branteviks IP, entrance


no football etc

No football after 21.00!


north end

North End








east side2

East side of the ground


east side

A closer look....



View of play


south end

South End


branteviks ip, vy

View of Branteviks IP


branteviks ip, vy2

View of Branteviks IP


west side

West side


west side2

West side






More dogs!


pano, branteviks ip3



pano, branteviks ip4