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Partick Thistle

Ground: Firhill Stadium

Visits: 1

Date: 9th August 2019

Match: Partick Thistle - Dundee U  1-2  (Scottish Championship)

Attendance: 3 218

There was time for one more trip during my summer holidays and I decided to go to the UK. In the Scottish Championship the Partick Thistle v Dundee U fixture was moved to Friday night and that was to be the first match on this trip. On Thursday afternoon my flight departed Copenhagen airport and two hours later I was in Edinburgh. There are no direct flights from Copenhagen to Glasgow but it only takes an hour or so by train from Edinburgh to Glasgow anyway. Once at Edinburgh airport I met up with my friends Stefan and Jocke. Their flight, from Stockholm, landed five minutes after mine and we then went by tram to central Edinburgh. They were in the UK for 10 days and would start their trip with the same match as me. Once at Waverley Station we left our luggage in the storage facility before heading towards the Hanover Tap pub. My friend Jonathan works in Edinburgh and shortly after 5pm he joined us in the pub. Around 8.30 the three Swedish groundhoppers finally arrived in Glasgow and it turned out we had booked the same hotel, only a short walk from Glasgow Central.

The weather forecast for this Friday said a lot of rain and we were a bit worried about a postponed match. At 12.30 I had booked the stadium tour at Ibrox, the iconic ground of Rangers. As I made the short walk to the metro station from my hotel it was pouring down and once at Ibrox it was nice to wait for a while in the reception and dry up. The tour was interesting and I really should go to Ibrox for a game in the near future. As I left Ibrox the sun was out and suddenly the conditions in Glasgow were really nice. Once back at my hotel I met up with Stefan and Jocke and at 4pm we went to a nearby restaurant for an early dinner. Kick-off tonight was at 7.05 and shortly before 6 we were outside Firhill Stadium. Partick Thistle were founded in 1876 and the club´s greatest achievements are winning the Scottish Cup in 1921 and the Scottish League Cup in 1971. The first game at Firhill was played in 1909 and nowadays the ground has a capacity of 10,200. The old Main Stand is only used when big clubs (like Dundee U) visit Firhill. My seat was in the Jackie Husband Stand and this stand has around 6,000 seats.

As the match was about to start the sun was out again and the weather in Scotland is changeable to a fascinating degree. Despite all the rain earlier in the day the pitch was in an excellent condition though. Dundee U were backed by more than 1,000 fans this evening but despite some early chances for the visitors it was Partick Thistle who would take the lead in the 22nd minute and it was 1-0 at half-time. In the second half Dundee were by far the better team and in the end it was a deserved 2-1 victory for them. The attendance was 3,218 and I have to say both the atmosphere and quality of the football was better than expected.


On our way to Firhill!


Rear of the Main Stand


Rear of the Main Stand




Firhill Stadium, outside


Partick Thistle FC


South End


Main Stand


Main Stand - Gable


North Stand




View of play


Main Stand


Main Stand (Dundee U fans)


View of play


North Stand


Partick Thistle fans