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Ryda fotbollshall

Ground: Ryda fotbollshall

Visits: 1

Date: 22nd February 2021

Match: Elfsborg - Degerfors  0-1  (Svenska Cupen)

Attendance: 0

Opened in 2019 Ryda fotbollshall has been a major boost for the football clubs in Borås. During the winter months Norrby and Elfsborg use this ground for friendlies and cup games and when I found out Elfsborg hosted Degerfors in the group stage of the Swedish Cup on Monday evening I asked for an accreditation. As was the case with Kalmar FF yesterday my application was approved and around noon I set off from Kristianstad. It takes just over 3 hours by car for me to go to Borås and once there I drove to the ground. Ryda fotbollshall is situated in the northern outskirts of the city and quite far away from the city centre. I took a few exterior pictures before going to my centrally located hotel. Due to the pandemic the hotel had closed its bar and restaurant but I bought a food package which I then heated in the microwave oven. Around 6pm I was then back at Ryda fotbollshall and was pleased to see my name on the list of people allowed to enter tonight. I was free to choose my own seat in the only stand. This stand has around 800 seats and I counted, apart from players and match officials, around 40 people present so plenty of space for everyone. 


Due to restrictions Degerfors entered Ryda fotbollshall through a door in the north end of the arena. Players were already fully dressed but I am not sure if had to change in the bus or possibly even before they left for Borås. Four officials from Degerfors were to my left and the radio commentator was to my right. He was not given a table and had to put his pre-prepared papers on adjacent chairs. Since he was only a few metres from me I heard everything he said  and after the game I thanked him for providing me with a full commentary! Elfsborg finished 2nd in Allsvenskan last year and with Degerfors being newly promoted I expected the home team to win. The first half was pretty even and at half-time it was still 0-0. In the second half Degerfors had a player sent off in the 60th minute but a minute later a great counter-attack made it 1-0 to Degerfors. In the final 10-15 minutes it was all Elfsborg but despite several really good chances the game ended 0-1. The Degerfors officials to my left celebrated but the Elfsborg players and officials seemed to be in a shock they had lost this match.


Two cup games in as many days for me and although both games were behind closed doors I enjoyed being back watching football. I very much doubt the lower leagues in Sweden will be able to start as planned in early April and I really have no idea what my next match will take place.


Ryda fotbollshall


East Stand (800 seats)


East Stand


East Stand


South End


West side


North End


Degerfors arriving




View of play


View of play


A sent off Degerfors player