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Ground: Grenadjärvallen

Visits: 1

Date: 7th July 2018

Match: Rynninge - Sollentuna  0-0  (Division 1 Norra)

Attendance: 84

When it comes to football grounds Sweden I want to have the top three division complete. In 2018 Division 1 was expanded from 2x14 to 2x16 teams and 10 teams were promoted from Division 2. Three of those were new clubs/grounds for me and having already re-completed Division 1 South I was looking at a weekend to visit Grenadjärvallen in Örebro and Linköping Arena, my two missing grounds in Division 1 North. Saturday 7 July Rynninge hosted Sollentuna at Grenadjärvallen and the next day Linköping played at home against high-flyers Västerås SK and this was of course the weekend I decided to go on a mini-tour. Having spent the night in Vänersborg I only had three hours or so to drive in order to reach Örebro and upon arrival I went to Grenadjärvallen to take a few pictures. Kick-off time for today´s game was 16.00 but with Sweden playing England in a World Cup quarter final at 16.00 in Samarra I was pleased the club announced 19.30 was the new time for the game at Grenadjärvallen. The club wanted to play at 13.00 but SvFF said no to that proposal. As the World Cup QF started the streets in Örebro were empty but Swedish dreams of reaching the semi final were quashed by the English.

An hour before kick-off I was back at Grenadjärvallen. The ground is next to the former infantry regiment (I3) in Örebro. The name of the ground refers to the word grenadier (grenadjär in Swedish) which was an infantry soldier specialized in in throwing grenades. Grenadjärvallen is a very nice ground situated in what looks like a park. The only stand is wooden and has a capacity of around 250. There is a nice bar next to the only stand and that is not something you are used at this level in Sweden. Due to the unusual kick-off time I realized the attendance would be much lower than it normally is for Rynninge home games. The official attendance was given as 84 and locals I spoke to said the attendance would have been much higher if the game had started at 13.00. Although the game itself ended goalless I still had an enjoyable evening at Grenadjärvallen. I was back at my hotel in time to watch extra-time and penalties between Russia and Croatia before quickly falling asleep.


Closing in on Grenadjärvallen





North Stand


North Stand


North Stand


A closer look at the North Stand


East End


South side


West End


Players and officials entering




View of Grenadjärvallen


View of play


View of play


North Stand