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Silkeborg Stadion

Ground: Silkeborg Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 23rd July 2011

Match: Silkeborg - Brøndby  0-1  (Superligaen)

Attendance: 4 173


After three weeks without any football I decided to make a trip to Denmark for two matches in Superligaen. First up was Silkeborg vs Brøndby on Saturday afternoon. I set off shortly after 10 am and knowing this would be a busy road on the roads I knew I had a long drive ahead of me. It was even busier (and more roadworks) than I had expected though and it took me 5,5 hours before I could park outside Silkeborg Stadion. Silkeborg Stadion has a capacity of 10 500 but attendances for most matches are normally between 3 and 4 000. I bought a ticket for the Dansand tribune, which is the biggest stand at Silkeborg Stadion. It has 15 rows of seats and is roofed. The main stand on the opposite side is quite small and as I understand it this stand is for sponsors/hospitality only. Brøndby fans had to endure standing in a very basic stand behind the goal to my left. A couple of rows of concrete and no roof, thankfully it didn´t rain this afternoon. When I found my seat the man to my left asked me if I was a regular fan. It turned out he was from Holland and currently on holiday in Denmark, catching a few games whilst here.


The match started with a minute of silence in respect of the victims for the terrorist attack in Oslo. Ties between the Scandinavian countries have always been tight. Brøndby then started the best but couldn´t score in the first half. The second half saw both teams miss quality chances and I was resigned to the fact the match would end goalless. In the 92nd minute Brøndby managed to score though, sending their fans into wild celebrations. I was quite pleased too. 40 minutes later I was at my hotel in Århus. Tomorrow I am going to Ålborg for the Aab - AGF match and hopefully that match will attract more than 4 173.


silkeborg stadion

Outside Silkeborg Stadion


south stand

South Stand (Bang & Olufsen tribunen)


west stand (jyske bank tribunen)

West Stand (Jyske Bank tribunen)


north stand (jyske finans tribunen)

North Stand (Jyske Finans tribunen)


east stand (dansand tribunen)

East Stand (Dansand tribunen)


south stand2

South Stand



Brøndby fans





west stand

West Stand



Silkeborg fans


north stand3

North Stand



Waving the flag for Silkeborg



Silkeborg fans


pano, silkeborg stadion2



pano, silkeborg stadion4