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Ground: Skepparslövs Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 13th June 2021

Match: Skepparslöv - Fjälkinge  2-1  (Division 6 Skåne Nordöstra A)

Attendance: 90

This was to be a weekend full of football. I attended two matches on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday I was pleased to find out I could go to Skepparslövs IP for Skepparslöv v Fjälkinge and still be back home in time for the England game on tv. Two years ago Fjälkinge played in Division 4 but back to back relegations means they are now playing in Division 6 Skåne Nordöstra A. It takes 15 minutes by car for me to reach Skepparslövs IP and as I arrived the small car park was almost full. The ground is situated just outside of the village of Skepparslöv, along quite a long and steep slope up a hill. That means quite a few cars had to park along the road and it didn't look completely safe from a traffic perspective. The weather was glorious and with all the seats (benches) being on the north side of the ground it was to be 2 hours of sun bathing for those present. Skepparslövs IF have a nice porch from where they are selling foods and drinks and as I arrived the mood was excellent. In total the attendance was closed to the allowed 100 and yet again it was obvious people are starved of live football.

The pitch at Skepparslövs IP is notoriously hard and uneven and that affects what happens on the pitch. The football on display was quite poor but in a way still entertaining. Despite the visitors from Fjälkinge being the better team it was 2-0 to Skepparslöv at half-time. In the second half Fjälkinge pulled a goal back and in the last minute of stoppage time Fjälkinge were awarded a penalty kick. It didn't look like a penalty and the home players were furious. The penalty was poor though and it must have been a meter or so outside of the right post. Two consecutive wins for Skepparslöv but I doubt the players are interested in being promoted.




Club badge


Sigges veranda (Sigge´s porch)


Players entering




View of play


East End


South side


West End


View of Skepparslövs IP


North side


North side


North side


North side


Stoppage time penalty for Fjälkinge (missed)