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Ground: Skovshoved Idrætspark

Visits: 1

Date: 9th September 2017

Match: Skovshoved - AB  4-2  (2. Division, pulje 1)

Attendance: 264

The third tier of the Danish football pyramid is called 2. Division. The first half of the season the 24 teams are divided into 3 groups with 8 teams each. The second half of the season you have 2 groups with 12 teams (promotion and relegation). My ambition is to have visited the 8 clubs in group 1, which is the most eastern group. Skovshoved and Hillerød were promoted from Danmarksserien at the end of last season meaning I had two clubs to visit to complete group 1. Skovshoved are located in Ordrup (Klampenborg) just north of Copenhagen and the journey is not to difficult for me. I decided to make a nice weekend out of my trip to Skovshoved and booked a hotel at next to Hyllie station (last stop in Sweden) from Friday to Sunday. In Hellerup, only two stops from Ordrup, there is a science center called Experimentarium and I have been there 6-7 times as part of my work. It has been completely rebuilt in recent years and being so close to today´s football match I and my female travel companion for the weekend visited Experimentarium before I set off for the ground. The weather forecast was anything but positive, heavy rain forecasted all afternoon. I had borrowed an umbrella from my hotel though and as we left Experimentarium it was already raining. As I arrived at Ordrup station the rain was persistent and the ground, Skovshoved Idrætspark, was then only a five minute walk away.

Kick-off was at 15.00 and 40 minutes or so before kick-off I was inside the ground. I am not sure ground is the correct word though. No stands and only one side and one end was open for spectators. Apparently there aren´t any ground rules in the Danish third tier! Skovshoved are playing at this level for the first time in 18 years and have had decent attendances for their home games this season. AB (Akademisk Boldklub) are from Gladsaxe in western Copenhagen and for this level they are quite a big club. With nicer weather I think the attendance would have been around 500. With heavy rain all afternoon at Skovshoved Idrætspark 264 is a very good attendance though. Around half of those supported AB and anyone who stands in the rain unprotected and supports their club away from home deserves a lot of respect. The weather might have been terrible but the actual match was very good. Skovshoved are currently second in the table but it was AB who scored the first goal. At half-time it was 2-1 to Skovshoved though. Skovshoved were clearly the better team and made it 3-1 before AB pulled a goal back in the 71st minute. In the 75th minute Skovshoved scored again though and 4-2 was to be the final score. A very wet afternoon at Skovshoved Idrætspark but at least the match was entertaining. Shortly before 6pm I was back at my hotel room and could change to dry clothes. The coming two weekends I will play table-tennis meaning my next game will be in three weeks time.

Skovshoved-IF.JPGSkovshoved IF




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North End


North End


East side


East side


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Players and officials entering




North End


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East side


AB fans


View of play


A wet day in the Copenhagen area




View of play


Goal (3-2) for Skovshoved!