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Ground: Slagelse Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 27th July 2013

Match: Vestsjælland - AGF  0-2  (Superligaen)

Attendance: 3 859

In 2015 FC Vestsjælland went bankrupt. The club regained the name Slagelse BI and started all over in Sjællendsserien.


Living in southern Sweden going to Denmark is by far my easiest trip abroad. Since I wanted an easy trip for this weekend I looked at fixtures in Denmark and was pleased to notice it was possible to attend three matches on Saturday and Sunday. My first match was the Superligaen encounter between Vestsjælland and Aarhus GF (AGF).  FC Vestsjælland are from Slagelse and was established in 2008 as the professional part of the old club (Slagelse BI). The youth teams from Slagelse will continue to use the name Slagelse. The 2013/14 season is Vestsjælland´s first ever season in Denmark´s top division. Slagelse is only 220 km from Kristianstad and with a 5pm kick-off this very warm Saturday afternoon I didn´t have to leave kome until after noon. I then crossed the Öresund bridge for the first time by car this year and with relatively light traffic I arrived at Slagelse Stadion by 3.15. My car showed 30°C as I parked outside the ground! Slagelse Stadion has a capacity of around 10 000 and used to have three sides of terracing and 2 800 seats in the West Stand. In 2012 a new main stand was built in the east side of the ground and in total Slagelse Stadion nowdays has around 3 500 seats. Away fans are in the most northern block of the West Stand. They can also choose to stand in the very basic North End of the ground.

At first I had planned to stand in one of the open terraces but with the weather being as warm as it was I decided to sit in the shadow in the West Stand. The ticket was quite cheap, 130 Danish crowns (around €15). As I entered the ground I realised it was 130 crowns for all the stands and I could sit or stand wherever I wanted to. After taking a few pictures I found a seat in the West Stand. It was unreserved seating but for season ticket holders and tickets bought in advance it was reserved seats. As you can imagine this caused problems when people showed up five mintues before kick-off and others had to move. Thankfully no-one wanted my seat but surely the club need to sort this out and make all seats reserved. AGF started the match the better team and made it 1-0 in the 13th minute with a very nice curling shot from outside the area. Vestsjælland then had most of the possession but it was 0-1 at half-time. In the second half Vestsjælland created several really good chances. They hit the inside of the post and had some other excellent chances but no goals for the home team. Instead it was AGF who showed the hosts what Superliga football is all about when they counter-attacked and made it 0-2 with 10 minutes to go. The match finished 2-0 to AGF, much to the delight of the 250 or so travelling supporters. On Sunday I have to matches in Vejle and in Herning and after the match at Slagelse Stadion I drove to Odense where I stayed the night.


slagels stadion, vy

View of Slagelse Stadion


west stand1b

West Stand


north end

North End


east stand1

East Stand


east stand

A closer look at the new Main Stand


south stand

South Stand



Tickets on sale



Fan with beer



Female vikings


west stand3

West Stand



AGF fans



AGF fans



View of play


north end2

AGF fans





east stand2

Players entering the field



Southeast corner



View of play


south stand3

South Stand


south stand4

Fans enjoying the warm weather





pano, slagelse stadion1



pano, slagelse stadion4a