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Slask Wroclaw

Ground: Stadion Miejski

Visits: 1

Date: 31st October 2013

Match: Slask Wroclaw - Podbeskidzie  4-0  (Ekstraklasa)

Attendance: 5 156


Staying in Wroclaw it was very easy to choose where to go on Thursday evening. Two matches in Ekstraklasa, the top division in Poland, but with one of them being in Bialystok (near the border to Belarus) I decided for Slask Wroclaw vs

Podbeskidzie. I realized this wasn´t a match the locals would get excited about but it made my travelling so much easier. As I woke up on Thursday morning the weather was fantastic, sunshine with a blue sky. What more can you ask for? After breakfast I joined Jonas in visiting Stadion Oporowska, the old ground of Slask Wroclaw, before travelling with tram #4 to the city centre. Wroclaw has a very nice city centre and especially the area around the cathedral looked fantastic in the glorious weather. I could take plenty of "Post-card pictures" of the river with surrounding buildings. After two hours in the city centre we then returned to our hotel. Having a tram next to the hotel made everything quite easy for us. After a short rest it time to try the hotel restaurant, salmon with lemon sauce and baked potatoes was my choice. Around 15.30 I then met up with Jonas for the short (8 km) drive to Stadion Miejski. The stadium has a capacity of 42 000 and was opened in 2011. It was mainly built for hosting matches in EURO 2012.


Jonas had sent our details (copy of passport etc) to the club in advance and we could pick up our tickets outside the ground without any hassle. After a thorough body-search we could then enter Stadion Miejski and we were among the first inside the ground. The ground looked great but it seems way to big for a club like Slask Wroclaw. Podbeskidzie is probably the least attractive opponent this season and having lost 5 of their last 6 matches Slask Wroclaw haven´t exactly been kind to their supporters recently. Attendances have gone done and for this match only 5 156, lowest of the season, turned up at Stadion Miejski. The visitors from Bielsko-Biala had around 25 fans in the away section. The hard-core home supporters were in the North Stand (behind the goal) and were singing/chanting for most of the match. The first half was awful to watch, 0-0 at half-time. In the second half Podbeskidzie scored an own-goal early on and the flood-gates opened. It was soon 4-0 to Slask Wroclaw. The Podbeskidzie defence was unbelievably poor. Slask weren´t much better going forward but could still score a few goals and the match finished 4-0 to the home team. With so few people inside the ground we were soon back at our hotel. In a way it was a shame I couldn´t visit Stadion Miejski for a bigger match but sometimes having easy travelling etc is important. Anyway, tomorrow we leave Wroclaw for Cottbus in Germany. Energie Cottbus vs Bochum in an important match to avoid relegation from 2. Bundesliga.



Wroclaw city centre



Wroclaw city centre



Wroclaw city centre



School of Theology








stadion miejski

Stadion Miejski


stadion miejski2

Stadion Miejski at night



Interior of the East Stand


south stand

South Stand


west stand

West Stand


north stand

North Stand



Slask fan



Away fans


south stand2

South Stand



View of play








west stand2

West Stand



View of play


north stand2

North Stand



Slask fans



...with scarfs






Slask fans





pano, stadion miejski4



pano, stadion miejski5