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Ground: Sövestads Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 14th April 2024

Match: Sövestad - Önneköp  4-1  (Division 5 Skåne Östra)

Attendance: 75

Sunday was going to be very windy in southern Sweden but I was nevertheless looking at going to a game. Having been to Svenstorp last weekend I decided it was time to visit Sövestad, one of two missing clubs in division 5 Skåne Östra. Being just north of Ystad 95 % of the route was the same as last weekend and it took me around 65 minutes to reach Sövestads IP. Once I stepped out of my car it was obvious this was to be a game heavily affected by the wind. The pitch at Sövestads IP looked fantastic and is probably better than some of those in Allsvenskan. On three sides there was a grass bank making this ground a bit unique. The grass bank didn´t offer much protection from the wind though!

According to my headcount the attendance at Sövestads IP this afternoon was 75. One of those was the Önneköp supporter Arnold, known as Arnold the Adventurer, who has been to 181 countries. In October I visited his cannibal museum and listened to interesting stories from his journeys around the globe. Önneköp scored after less than a minute and as I chatted to Arnold he was in a good mood. As the hosts from Sövestad scored two goals to lead 2-1 at half-time he was less optimistic. In the 2nd half Sövestad were clearly the better team and the final whistle was blown it was 4-1 on the scoreboard. Arnold left the ground in the 85th minute but most of those at Sövestads IP went back to their cars in a good mood. 11/12 for me now in this league and in a few weeks time I hope to be able to visit Harlösa IP, my only missing ground.



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