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Stadion Pasienky

Ground: Stadion Pasienky

Visits: 1

Date: 15th April 2014

Match: Slovan Bratislava - Senica  3-0  (Slovnaft Cup)

Attendance: 3 565


At first I was planning a visit to Kosice for their 2nd leg semifinal of the Slovakian cup against Ruzemberok. Kosice is quite a long trip from Prague though and I was more than pleased to find out the other semifinal, Slovan Bratislava vs Senica had been moved forward a week. With a 13.00 kick-off time this Tuesday afternoon I could even go back to Prague after the match. 13.00 might sound like a strange kick-off time for a football match on a normal workday. Well, I guess it is but there was a reason for this. The reason was Slovan Bratislava  wanted to invite as many children as possible from the local schools. The ticket price was only 1 Euro which of course is quite cheap for a cup semifinal. I stayed the night at the very nice Mercure Hotel and had yet another long and delicious breakfast. Around 10.30 I went on a sightseeing tour in central Bratislava. The old city (Stare Mesto) was very nice and is well worth a visit. Around 12.20 I was then outside Stadion Pasienky. Unfortunately it had started to rain but I found a seat under the roof. In total 3 500 was inside Stadion Pasienky this afternoon, 80 % of those were school children but still a good attendance for being in Slovakia. Until 2009 Slovan Bratislava played their home matches at Tehelne pole but that stadium has now been demolished and a new stadium will eventually be built. Until the new stadium is ready Slovan Bratislava play at Stadion Pasienky, the home of Inter Bratislava. Stadion Pasienky also host most of Slovakia's international matches and has an all-seated capacity of 13 000.

Slovan Bratislava had won the first leg of this semifinal 3-1 and scored an early goal in this match as well. It rained quite heavily by now and before the first half ended the school children were moved from the open side to the covered main stand. Even the business seats were filled up! Slovan were 2-0 up at half-time and even though the tie was over the football was still of decent quality. It eventually finished 3-0 (6-1 on aggregate) and Slovan Bratislava were definately through to the cup final. After the match I walked back to my hotel, close to the train staion, to pick up my bags. In the rain it took almost 30 minutes and I was quite pleased once I was inside Bratislava's main railway station. 4,5 hours in the train before arriving back in Prague. Tomorrow I will be doing sightseeing in Prague before finishing off part one of this tour with a 3. Liga match at Strahov Stadion.


castle, bratislava

Bratislava Castle


castle, batislava2

Bratislava Castle


presidential palace, front

Presidential Palace


stare mesto

Stare Mesto


stare mesto2

Stare Mesto


stadion pasienky

Stadion Pasienky


stadion pasienky2

Stadion Pasienky


stadion pasienky3

Stadion Pasienky, seating plan


north stand

North Stand


east stand

East Stand


south stand

South Stand





ultras section

Ultras section


east stand2

East Stand


east stand3

Slovan fans in the rain








stadion pasienky, vy

View of Stadion Pasienky


west stand

West Stand


west stand2

West Stand






Slovan fans



Slovan fans


pano, stadion pasienky3



pano, stadion pasienky5