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Ground: Gander Green Lane (Borough Sports Ground)

Visits: 1

Date: 1st January 2017

Match: Sutton - Bromley  2-0  (National League)

Attendance: 1 766

On Sunday 1 january there were no fixtures in the Football League. Instead I looked at the National League (Conference Premier) and since I was going to games in London on Monday and Tuesday I decided for Sutton v Bromley. At 09.20 my Virgin train departed Manchester Piccadilly and 12.06, on time, I arrived at London Euston. My hotel was then a 20-minute walk from Euston but since my room was not yet ready I was unable to check-in. I could leave my suitcase in the hotel though before heading towards St Pancras station. Sutton United play at Gander Green Lane and the ground is only a 3-minute walk from the West Sutton train station. From St Pancras I used a Thameslink train which in 56 minutes brought me to West Sutton. A lot of travelling for me this Sunday but still not a complicated journey travelwise. The Metoffice had forecasted heavy rain from 2pm (kick-off 3pm) and that forecast was spot on. Thankfully it was only a short walk and once inside the ground I quickly bought a programme, took a few pictures before finding a good spot in the (covered) side terrace. Gander Green Lane was opened in 1912 and used to have an athletics track. The athletics track was removed in 2014 and and artificial pitch was installed. In 1989 Sutton United beat Coventry City, then in the top division, 2-1 in front of 8 000 fans in the FA Cup and this game is regarded as one of the biggest upsets in the history of the FA Cup. Nowadays the capacity is around 5 000. Another famous game at Gander Green Lane is AFC Wimbledon´s first ever match back in 2002. Sutton United played the new club in a friendly in front of 4 600 fans. Next Saturday the club will face each other in the 3rd round of the FA Cup by the way.

As kick-off approached it was at times torrential rain coming down. The advantage with an artificial pitch is of course there is no risk of a waterlogged pitch. I had no idea what kind of attendance to expect but with Bromley bringing several hundred fans, quite impressive for this level, Sutton in today´s game actually had their best attendance (1 766) in the league this season. Next Saturday when Sutton play local rivals AFC Wimbledon in the cup Gander Green Lane will be packed. In the first half there was not much to get excited about. Not until the 44th minute that is when Sutton headed the ball into the back of the net from a free-kick, 1-0 at half-time. The second half was much better and Sutton had several good chances to score. In the 62nd minute they found the net again, 2-0 and that was to be the final score. As the final whistle went it was still raining heavily and once again I was grateful it was such a short walk to the nearest train station. At 18.08 I was back at St Pancras. I then checked-in at my hotel before meeting up with my Swedish friends Christian and Magnus who had been in Watford today. Tomorrow I will enjoy the highlight of this trip, West Ham v Manchester U at London Stadium. That will be a re-completion of the Premier League for me and of course a game I am really looking forward to.


Sutton United FC


Welcome to Sutton United


Entrance to Gander Green Lane






Open terrace next to the Grandstand


Gander Green Lane End


Curved terrace next to the Railway Terrace


Railway Terrace


Railway Terrace


Collingwood Road End




View of play




View of play


Gander Green Lane End


Gander Green Lane under floodlights


Railway Terrace


Collingwood Road End