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Ground: Killevallen

Visits: 1

Date: 12 June 2021

Match: Svensköp - Huaröd  1-2  (Division 6 Skåne Nordöstra B)

Attendance: 60

My option for Saturday was a double header in Division 6 or one of my remaining three grounds in Division 3 Södra Götaland. Not sure whether I would be allowed in or not at the Division 3 game, the club announced it might be “sold-out” (= 100) with season tickets, it was once again a day of division 6 football for me. First up was a trip to Killevallen in Killhult for Svensköp v Huaröd in Division 6 Skåne Nordöstra B. For decades the village was called Svensköp but a few years ago a historian discovered the correct name was Killhult. The club kept the name Svensköps IF though and for me it was only 30 minutes by car to my first ground of the day. As I arrived at Killevallen I was a bit surprised to find out there was a small seated stand on the west side of the ground. With blustery conditions I was actually quite pleased they had a stand providing cover from the strong wind. In the end around 60 spectators showed up and the majority was supporting the visitors.

Kick-off was at 13.00 but the game actually started a few minutes ahead of its scheduled time. I visited Huaröd on Wednesday evening and once again I was expecting them to take all three points. Huaröd were the better team in the first half but it was only 1-0 at the break. Early on in the second half Svensköp equalized and Huaröd players realized they had to dig in to win this one. Huaröd were the better team and in the end it was 2-1 to the visitors who are top of the table after two rounds. Strangely enough the final whistle was blown 14.38 but with rolling substitutes and a short break at half-time I guess the match was still 2x45 minutes! My next game started 15.00 and with the journey time being only 7 minutes I arrived at Linderöds IP with a bigger margin than expected.


Svensköps IF




West Stand


West Stand


West side


View of play


North End




East side


East side


East side


View of play


South End