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Ground: Åsvalla

Visits: 1

Date: 28th April 2022

Match: Tosteberga/Nymölla - IFK Knislinge  3-1  (Division 5 Skåne Nordöstra)

Attendance: 80

This time of the year there are plenty of games being played mid-week and on Thursday evening I decided it was time to visit Åsvalla in Tosteberga. Tosteberga is 23 minutes from where I live but somehow I managed to drive past the ground so it took slightly longer than expected. From the other direction it was easier to spot the small sign pointing towards Åsvalla and once I had parked my car I was looking at yet another lovely lower league ground. The ground is some 200 metres from the Baltic Sea but it is still nicely tucked in by trees.  The wooden main stand on the west side was opened a few years ago and adds some character to Åsvalla. In 1987 Leicester was at Åsvalla and they praised the pitch. Looking at the pitch tonight I was surprised the pitch was in almost perfect condition. Well done to the groundsman!

The match tonight was Tosteberga/Nymölla v IFK Knislinge in Division 5 Skåne Nordöstra. The official attendance was given as 80 but including those with free entrance it was around 100. Tosteberga/Nymölla started really well and was soon 2-0 up. Knislinge pulled a goal back and at half-time it was 2-1 to the hosts. It was also half-time when I found out I had mixed-up the two teams. Knislinge had to play in Toseberga/Nymölla´s away kit and during the first 45 minutes I thought Knislinge was Tosteberga/Nymölla. It was when the Knislinge playes enter the “Away team” dressing room I realized my mistake! Anyway, the 2nd half was not as entertaining as the 1st but Tosteberga/Nymölla manged to score again to win 3-1. Another great evening of local football was coming to an end!




West Stand


West Stand


Teams entering




North End


East side


East side


Free-kick, Tosteberga/Nymölla


East side


East side


View of play


South End


West side


West side


West Stand