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Ground: Trollevallen

Visits: 10

Date: 5th May 2024

Match: Trollenäs - Furulund  4-1  (Division 5 Skåne Sydvästra)

Attendance: 50

In the early/mid 90s a friend of mine played for Trollenäs IF and I attended around 10 matches at Trollevallen. I am still in regular contact with my friend but since 2002 he has lived in Stockholm and Trollevallen has never been included in my official records. The first Sunday in May that would change though and despite rain in the forecast I was really looking forward to my first visit to Trollevallen in 30 years. Trollenäs is situated a few km west of Eslöv and the drive took me just over 50 minutes. A few hundred metres from the ground there is a castle, Trollenäs slott, and prior to going to Trollevallen I went to the castle to take a few pictures.

Once I had paid the entrance fee (50 SEK) I looked at the pitch and was a bit confused. As I remember it the pitch was next to the small creek by the clubhouse but that was not the case today. The wooden benches were still there but it was obvious the match would be played at a pitch next to the old one. 30 years ago that was more of a meadow but once I had asked an elderly local I was less confused. 15 or so years ago the meadow was turned into a pitch replacing the old one which was too uneven and too close to the creek. At least my memory was correct!

For this match I was joined by Gijs who I have met at three different grounds recently and we chatted though-out the game. Trollenäs have only earned a point from their opening five games while today's visitors Furulund, had three wins. Furulund started really well and hit the inside of the post early on. They were also awarded a penalty kick but that one was missed and it was 0-0 at half-time. At the break it started to rain and in combination with the strong wind conditions weren't ideal. Trollenäs managed the conditions quite well though and scored four goals in the 2nd half. Furulund pulled a goal back with a last minute penalty but this was to be Trollenäs opening victory of the season. I was a bit soaked as I walked back to my car but all in all a good day out and it was nice to finally (officially) tick off Trollevallen!


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Trollenäs castle


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