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Ground: Övrevi

Visits: 1

Date: 25th April 2015

Match: Tvååker - Vinberg  1-1  (Division 2 Västra Götaland)

Attendance: 570


My main match this Saturday was the derby in Division 2 Västra Götaland between Tvååker and Vinberg. Kick-off was at 15.00 and after visiting Ullared vs Haga earlier in the day I arrived at Övrevi, the home of Tvååker, some 40 minutes before kick-off. Övrevi has a small covered stand on the south side of the ground and on the north side there are benches to sit on. For this level this is quite a nice ground. Tvååker is situated outside Varberg and has a population of around 2 500. Vinberg is situated 20 km south of Tvååker so this is a proper derby, El Vestico it was called on one website. Tvååkers IF were promoted to Division 2 (level 4) back in 2010 and have played at his level since then. Vinberg were promoted from Division 3 at the end of last season and I was hoping for an attendance of around 500 for this match. Being nearer the coast it was much windier and colder in Tvååker compared to Ullared. It was a bit misty but at least no rain as the match kicked-off. In total almost 600 people turned up for this match and for a match in Division 2 that is a good attendance.


Vinberg have started the 2015 season with two wins and in the first half they were the better team. Despite several chances they couldn´t find the net though, 0-0 at half-time. During the half-time break it started to rain and most fans took cover near the clubhouse. It seemed the players didn´t like the rain either. The second half was poor and I was preparing myself for a goalless match. In the 84th minute Vinberg managed to score though and wild celebrations on and off the pitch. Vinberg had plenty of fans at Tvååker and they seemed to go back home with all three points. In the last minute Tvååker equalized and the match finished 1-1. In my opinion Vinberg deserved to win but once again, you have to score from your chances. Despite the rain this had been a good day out for me. Two new grounds and a local derby. Next weekend I go to Estonia and that will be my first new country in 2015. Something to look forward to!



Övrevi, entrance


tvååkers if

Tvååkers IF


official training ground

Official Training Ground


north side

North side


north side1

North side


east end

East End


south stand

South Stand


west end

West End





officials and players

Officials and players









Vinberg fans





north side2

North side


north side4

North side












View of play


south side

South side


south side1

South side


south stand4

South Stand


south stand2

South Stand


south stand3

South Stand



View of play


övrevi, vy

View of Övrevi





pano, övrevi1