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VMA (Arkelstorps IP)

Ground: Arkelstorps Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 14th August 2010

Match: VMA - IFK Hässleholm  1-4  (Division 2 Östra Götaland)

Attendance: 293


VMA is a club which is the result of three villages (Vånga, Mjönäs and Arkelstorp) merging their football clubs in 2002. All three villages are situated 20-30 km north of Kristianstad and it is a remarkable achievement that a club like VMA are playing as a high as Division 2, the 4th tier of Swedish football. In 2004 the newly formed club were promoted to Division 2 for the first time. They were immediately relegated but after winning Division 3 last season they are back in Division 2. One interesting thing about the club is that home matches during the first half of the season is played at Ädlavallen in Vånga, during the second half of the season VMA switch to Arkelstorps IP.

After a good start to the season VMA have slipped down the table and the game this afternoon against neighbours Hässleholm at Arkelstorps IP was of great importance. A defeat and VMA are only three points from a relegation spot. A win and things look so much brighter. 7 minutes into the game the score was 2-0 to Hässleholm and from there on the visitors controlled events on the pitch. VMA pulled a goal back from the penalty spot but at the end Hässleholm could score twice to win 4-1. VMA must improve their defending if they want to avoid relegation. You can´t give away goal as easily as they did today.


arkelstorps ip

Arkelstorps IP



Teams entering the pitch


east side

East side








south end

South End


west stand

West Stand



View of Arkelstorps IP


pano, arkelstorps ip2