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VSK Århus

Ground: Vejlby Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 18th September 2010

Match: Skovbakken - Otterup  2-4  (2. Division Vest)

Attendance: 104


In 2016 Skovbakken changed its name to VSK Århus.


When I couldn´t find any interesting matches/grounds to visit in Sweden this weekend I looked at fixtures in Denmark and to my delight I noticed I could do three games in two days. On a very windy Friday evening I crossed the bridges across Öresund and Store/Lille Bælt before arriving at my hotel i Aarhus around 10 pm. It was so windy it was a bit scary to be honest, the Öresund bridge was closed for "wind sensitive" vehicles and I could understand why.

Anyway, the first game on this trip was in Risskov, which is situated just north of Aarhus. Skovbakken played two seasons in the Danish top flight in the late 70s but has since been relegated several times. Last year they won Danmarksserien (Level 4) and this season they are in 2. Division Vest. With today´s opponents, Otterup, being bottom of the table I expected 5th placed Skovbakken to win quite easy. After the first half Skovbakken were 2-0 up and in total control of events on the pitch. When the referee blew his final whistle 45 minutes later it was the visitors who could celebrate though. Otterup scored four times in the second half and won by 4-2. What a comeback! It was very windy at Vejlby Stadion and I was certainly not expecting six goals under these conditions. The ground itself had a covered (thankfully!) stand on the west side which protected the small crowd from the strong winds. Even if Vejlby Stadion has running tracks the grass bowl around these tracks made the ground look a bit more interesting. In 1978 11 700 turned up for the derby against AGF Aarhus but I guess nowdays those days are nothing more than a nice distant memory. Who knows what will happen in the future though.


vejlby stadion2

Entrance to Vejlby Stadion


north end

North Stand


east stand

East Stand


south end

South End


west stand

West Stand


west stand2

A closer look at the West Stand



View of play



View of play


vejlby stadion

View of Vejlby Stadion





west stand3

West Stand


pano, vejlby stadion




pano, vejlby stadion5