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Ground: Rheinpark Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 13th October 2007

Match: Liechtenstein - Sweden 0-3 (EURO 2008 qualifier)

Attendance: 4 131


With Liechtenstein having neither an airport nor a railway station the trip to Vaduz was always going be an adventure. I decided to fly out to Zürich on Friday evening and was at my hotel by 11pm. The following morning I took the train to Sargans where the bus to Vaduz is going from and arrived at my hotel , which was situated beneath the castle in Vaduz, shortly after noon


The Swedish fans had decided to use Rathausplatz as "base" and with that being next to my hotel it was never going to be a boring afternoon. I went down to the ground later in the afternoon and was actually allowed inside to get some pictures !

The ground is next to the river Rhein, which is the border to Switzerland (See picture below)

After some rest and having something to eat and drink I decided to enter the ground approx. an hour prior to kick-off to take some pictures before sunset. After a while Marc04 ( met up with me and we had some long and interesting discussions ! The match itself was like another day in the office, 3-0 to Sweden.


schloss vaduz2

Schloss Vaduz


sunset in vaduz

Sunset in Vaduz


svenska fans



rheinpark stadion

Rheinpark Stadion


nära rhen

Close to the Rhein (and Switzerland)


north end

North End


main stand

Main Stand



south end

South End


west stand

West Stand



View of play


main stand2

National anthems






frispark, sverige

View of play


south end2

South Stand


panorama, rheinpark stadion



panorama, rheinpark stadion2