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Varbergs BoIS

Ground: Påskbergsvallen

Visits: 2 (1 for a Varbergs BoIS match)

Date: 7th May 2011

Match: Varbergs BoIS - Rosengård  2-1  (Division 1 Södra)

Attendance: 1 285


The city of Varberg is situated on the Swedish west coast, just south of Gothenburg, and is a town that welcomes a lot of tourists during the summer months. In recent years several "big" foreign clubs (including Barcelona) have used Varberg as part of their pre-season. Historically the most successful in Varberg has been Varbergs GIF but nowdays it is Varbergs BoIS who are the main team in the town. Last year Varbergs BoIS won Division 2 meaning they are now, for the first time ever, playing in Division 1 South. With 7 points in their opening three matches Varberg were actually top of the table before today´s match against Rosengård.


Varberg is 190 km from where I live and after a very early round of golf I set off for Varberg shortly after lunch. I arrived at Påskbergsvallen with an hour to go before kick-off. Påskbergsvallen is a typical Swedish ground for this level. A seated main stand on one side and an open terrace on the other. There are approximately 1 200 covered plastic seats in the West Stand making this a decent stand for watching football. Since it was a warm day there was a lot of fans prefering to sit/stand/lie on the far side though. They had a nice afternoon in the sun, espacially with the home team winning by 2-1. For the first time ever I also witnessed a streaker. In the second half a nude man ran across the pitch waving at his friends on the far side. Too much beer for some today...






north end

North End


east stand

East Stand  (2011)


East Stand (2017)


south end

South End


west stand1

West Stand






View of play





east stand2

East Stand (It was a warm day!)


west stand2

West Stand


hund som sover

Sleeping dog






View of Påskbergsvallen


pano, påskbergsvallen2



pano, påskbergsvallen4