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Ground: Värmdövallen

Visits: 1

Date: 6th June 2014

Match: Värmdö - Aspudden-Tellus  1-1  (Division 2 Norra Sveland)

Attendance: 120


In my bid to re-complete Division 1 Norra, and thereby re-completing the top three division in Sweden, I travelled to Stockholm on Friday 6 June. Huddinge and Skellefteå are my missing grounds in Division 1 Norra and with Huddinge playing Västerås SK 7 June I decided that was a good enough reason/match to book a trip to the Swedish capital. 6 June is of course Sweden´s National Day meaning a day off work for me. There were two matches in Division 2 Norra Svealand for me to choose from on Friday afternoon, Värmdö vs Aspudden-Tellus (14.00) and Spårvägen vs Strömsberg (16.00). My train arrived in Stockholm 11.40 and 40 minutes later I was at my hotel in Hammarby Sjöstad. Since Värmdö is quite far out I had originally ruled out that match. When my friend Daniel offered to pick me up at my hotel and drive me to Värmdövallen I changed my plans and decided to visit Värmdö vs Aspudden-Tellus after all. Looking in the table this match was far more interesting than Spårvägen vs Strömsberg so no hesitation after Daniel´s offer. On our way to Värmdö we had some stunning views of the Stockholm archipelago. We arrived at Värmdövallen 20 minutes before kick-off and I was looking froward to my first ever match in Division 2 Norra Svealand.


Värmdövallen is quite a basic football ground with running tracks and a small stand on the east side of the ground. The surroundings were quite nice though. Värmdö are third in the table but for most matches the attendances are still only around 100. The match against fellow Stockholm team IFK Aspudden-Tellus was no exception but at least some of those present made me smile from time to time. An example: One of the (away) players mother wasn´t too pleased when some home fans called him a diver and sarcastic comments were exchanged. On the pitch Värmdö were 1-0 up at half-time. In the second half they missed a penalty and a couple of minutes after that the visitors equalized from the penalty spot. Both teams then had a player sent off before the final whistle. "You have to behave" was followed by "Shut up. How much have you paid the referee?" when the away player was leaving the pitch after his red card. Hilarious! An eventful match on and off the pitch but 1-1 was probably a fair result. This match at Värmdövallen was supposed to be my only taste of football this National Day. On the way back to my hotel I suddenly received a phone-call. That was fellow groundhopper (and former Hammarby and Sweden player) Hans Eskilsson. He was at Spårvägen vs Strömsberg and I decided to go there as well. More about that at Spårvägen vs Strömsberg








värmdö if

Värmdö IF


players getting ready

Players and officials getting ready



Fans enjoying the nice weather


south end

South End


west side

West side


north end

North End


east stand2

East Stand


east stand1

East Stand


east stand

East Stand


värmdövallen, vy

View of Värmdövallen



View of play


penalty, värmdö

Penalty, Värmdö (saved)








värmdövallen, vy2

View of Värmdövallen


pano, värmdövallen4



pano, värmdövallen1