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Ground: Skytteholm

Visits: 1

Date: 7th June 2009

Match: Vasalund - Sirius  3-4  (Superettan)

Attendance: 623


I was in Stockholm this weekend for the World Cup qualifier between Sweden and Denmark at Råsunda. A stone´s throw from our national stadium there is another ground, Skytteholm. With Skytteholm being the only ground left for me to visit in the top two division I was fortunate Vasalund had a home game this weekend. Despite the huge disappointment the previous evening I was in quite good mood this Sunday. This was after all the day I would finish off the the Superettan grounds. With nothing better to do my day started with a trip to southern Stockholm to visit Aspuddens IP, the home of Division 1 North team Gröndal. After taking some pictures at Aspudden I went back to Solna, the suburb where Råsunda and Skytteholm are situated, to have a late lunch and a walk in the nice surroundings.


Vasalund have almost 100 teams of different ages and gender. They are based at Skytteholm, a complex with four pitches. All four pitches are artificial and have undersoil heating (impressive!). The main pitch is where Vasalund play their Superettan matches and this pitch has a very nice Main stand with 1,200 seats. The far side is open and both ends have a small terrace. I liked Skytteholm and would recommend a visit.

The match itself was fascinating, Vasalund had a penalty after 23 seconds. They missed that one but were in front a couple of minutes later. There were then six more goals and the match finished 4-3 to visiting Sirius. The 30 vocal away fans to my right were delighted and I was delighted myself as well. I have now seen a match at every ground in the top two divisions in Sweden. From Trelleborg in the south to Sundsvall in the north. Those cities are only 1,100 km apart but I hope to make a trip to the real north of Sweden, to places like Boden and Kiruna, one day!





north stand

North Stand (notice Råsunda in the background)


east stand

East Stand


south side

South side (open)


west stand

West Stand





straff, vasalund

Penalty, Vasalund (saved)


north stand2

North Stand



Sirius fans



"There are no cats around, maybe I can chase that man with the whistle instead?"


pano, skytteholm