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Ground: Grönängen

Visits: 1

Date: 12th June 2023

Match: Viby - Näsum  0-1  (Division 6 Skåne Nordöstra A)

Attendance: 100

At the moment there are 28 football clubs in Kristianstads kommun with a senior team. Until today I was only missing Grönängen in Viby. I was at the ground in August but that game was cancelled as the opponent couldn´t field a team. With a Monday evening fixture against Näsum I decided this was a good opportunity to finally visit Grönängen. Being only 12 minutes by car from where I live I set off some 30 minutes prior to kick-off. The car park was packed but there were several youth teams in action and not everyone was there to watch the game. The attendance was still higher than expected and some of those present had travelled from Näsum. Grönängen itself is a basic ground with chairs/benches to sit on in the north side of the ground. A grass pitch and no running tracks though!

It was 3rd v 2nd tonight and for a game at this level the quality was pretty good. Several chances for both teams in the first half but still 0-0 at half-time. Näsum scored early on in the second half and looked like the better team. In the 89th minute Viby hit the bar and that was it for the home team. It ended 1-0 to Näsum who are now level on points with Edenryd at the top of the table. I was back home before 9pm, which is pretty good for a 7pm kick-off!




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