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Ground: Winnö Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 29th August 2020

Match: Winnö - Broby  1-2  (Division 5 Skåne Nordöstra)

Attendance: 50

Going through my options for the weekend I decided to once again stay local. Vinnö is around 15 minutes by car from where I live and the local football team, Winnö IF, hosted Broby in Division 5 Nordöstra at Winnö IP at 1pm. With Broby being top of the table and the ground being close to home the decision was in the end actually quite easy. Winnö is the old spelling of Vinnö btw. Yesterday Kristianstad suffered from heavy rainfall (more than 50 mm) and with it starting to rain as I left for Winnö IP I was concerned about the state of the pitch. Once at the ground I looked at the pitch and it was in an excellent condition so no risk of a postponed match. With a grass pitch, a few wooden benches on both sides and no running tracks Winnö IP is a typical ground for a club in the countryside at this level (7) of the league pyramid. If you go to games in the bigger cities they are mostly used by several clubs and the pitch is nowadays often an artificial one.

The referee is today´s game was a former pupil of mine and he was a bit surprised when he noticed I was there. I chatted briefly to him and it seems he is pursuing a career as a referee and I wish him well. Once the game had started the clouds disappeared and after a while the sun appeared as well. Most of the spectators at Winnö IP had brought an umbrella and seeing the sun was a nice surprise to those of us present. On the pitch it was an even battle and at half-time it was 1-1. With Broby being top of the table I was expected them to score a few goals late on but it wasn´t until the last minute of normal time they scored. A clumsy tackle just outside the penalty area resulted in a second yellow card for a Winnö player and from the free-kick Broby made it 2-1. Broby had a decent number of fans at the match and they could celebrate the late winner. A bit harsh on Winnö but you can´t do stupid tackles like that one. In the second half I was sitting next to the head of referees in the Kristianstad region and he gave today’s referee top marks. I agree with that rating and I wouldn´t be surprised if my former pupil end up a few levels higher than this one.




Winnö IF


North side


Home team dug-out




West End


View of play


North side


North side


View of play


East End


South side


South side


South side


South side


View of Winnö IP