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Ground: Mossens IP

Visits: 1

Date: 15th May 2015

Match: Virgo - Kungsbacka  1-0  (Division 3 Nordvästra Götaland)

Attendance: 68


17 May is Norway´s National Day and 16 May has become the biggest day of the year in Norwegian league football. This year 17 May was on a Sunday and once fixtures were confirmed a friend of mine, Christian, noticed it was possible to do a double (Follo & Sarpsborg) on 16 May. I decided to join him (and Magnus) for this double and started to look at fixtures in the Gothenburg area on Friday evening. There were several options but in the end I decided for IK Virgo vs Kungsbacka in Division 3 Nordvästra Götaland. Virgo play at Mossens IP, whis is situated in the Johannesberg area of Gothenburg. It takes around 3 hours for me to go to Gothenburg and shortly before 6 pm (KO was at 7pm) I parked my car outside Mossens IP.


Founded in 1909 IK Virgo is one of the oldest clubs in Gothenburg. The club was founded at Cafe Virgo in Gothenburg and the best years for the club was in the early 1920s when the club played in what was then the second tier of Swedish football. Since then Virgo has played in the lower tiers though. As late as 2004 the club played in Division 7 but after winning Division 4 last year the club are now in Division 3. Today´s opponents, Kungsbacka, are from (the county of) Halland and tonight´s game was the first time since 1940 where Virgo has played against a team from Halland. The weather for this historic encounter was glorious and as the game kicked-off around 70 people had passed the only turnstile. Several of those were actually groundhoppers and besides me four, all IFK Göteborg supporters, were at this game. Groundhoppers and others could watch both teams miss chance after chance, 0-0 at half-time. The second half was quite entertaining as well and in the 64th minute Virgo finally scored. 1-0 was also the final score and Virgo are now third in the table. Another promotion on the cards? My weekend will tomorrow continue with a trip to Norway. I will be joined by Christian and Magnus as we head for Ski (Follo) and Sarpsborg.


mossens ip

Mossens IP


ik virgo

IK Virgo


dressing rooms

Dressing rooms


north end

North End


east side

East side


south end

South End


west side

West side


west side1










View of play



View of play



Nice weather!


east side1

East side



Virgo fans


mossens ip, vy

View of Mossens IP



View of play



View of play


west side2

West side



Virgo fans



Virgo fans


after the match

After the match


pano, mossens ip2