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Vittsjö Idrottspark

Ground: Vittsjö Idrottspark

Visits: 1

Date: 7th July 2021

Match: Vittsjö GIK - Kristianstads DFF  0-0  (Allsvenskan, damer)

Attendance: 475

Vittsjö is a village in northern Skåne with a population of around 1,600. Situated by the lake Vittsjön is a nice place to visit and in recent years the local women´s team has attracted new visitors to this part of Sweden. In 2012 Vittsjö GIK were promoted to Allsvenskan and despite being tipped for relegation several times they have manged to stay in the top division since that promotion nine years ago. The biggest game of the season for Vittsjö is the derby against Kristianstad and once I realized that fixture was to be played on Wednesday evening I decided to pay Vittsjö Idrottspark a visit. You had to buy tickets in advance and the price for a ticket was 120 SEK (12 Euros). When we bought the tickets we were asked who we were supporting and being from Kristianstad we ended up in the away section of the North Stand. Upon arrival we had to go to our dedicated entrance and once there we were told (no ticket was handed out) where our seats were. To comply with ground regulations Vittsjö Idrottspark has been redeveloped a few times in recent years. The seated capacity is around 1,200 but at the moment I am not sure what the maximum capacity is at the moment. It is a decent ground though and well worth a visit. Vittsjö have a singing section and during the match they created a good atmosphere.

Kristianstad are currently third in the table and will be in the Champions League qualifying in August. I expected my local team to win the derby but that was not to be the case. Despite domination for most of the 90 minutes Kristianstad failed to score. Vittsjö had a few chances as well but they should be pleased with getting a point tonight. We´ll see where the clubs end up once the season is over but if they want to qualify for the Champions League Kristianstad need to improve.


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North Stand


East Stand


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South Stand


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View of play


North Stand


North Stand


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East Stand